Minimalist Patio Designs: Summer 2022

One of the effective summer themes you can adopt for your St Louis Concrete Patios and outdoor designs is the minimalist style. 

The previous post introduced you to the various themes for a minimalist patio like the geometric, rustic, and contemporary. For this blog, we would focus on adapting this perspective in creating patio designs for the summer!

Read on!

Here is a quick preview of what you will encounter on this blog. 

1- Modern & Natural

2- Colorful floors

3- Flowered up

4- Monochromatic materials

5- Multi-layered and floating concrete steps

Let’s unravel each design.

Summer-Minimalist Patio Designs

Summer-themed spaces need to bring a fresh and bright perspective. Especially outdoors. This is perfect if you got concrete patios: the grey, neutral-colored slabs would quickly adapt the aspect to any minimal design. Also, with less decor and materials, you can always flaunt the polished concrete floors that brighten and freshen up any outdoor space, perfect for the summer. 

1- Add Accents Of Nature 

The easiest way to prep your minimalist patio is to add accents of nature. You do not need complicated ideas and materials to prepare your patio area for summer. 

A concrete patio would have a natural modern look. The polished floors with grey or warm earthy tones would look fresh once you add minimalist plants or air plants hanging around the corner of the patio. 

Also, add a large round ceramic vase with large ornamental parts at the center to remind you of nature every time you relax on your patio.

Green shade patio

2- Color On The Floors

This summer may be the best time to reinvent the concrete floors in your outdoor spaces. Try staining them or coloring them with water based concrete stain for once. 

The trick is to use a more natural-looking pigment. This tone is achievable by using the stained concrete application. The concrete slabs would look more vibrant with stains. Or you can go for a more offset look, fresh and modern with acid-stained concrete.

3- Flowered Up The Patio

Adding flower arrangement is another way to accent the minimal patio. Add flowers to the patio with a Japanese minimalist-inspired Ikebana arrangement. Ikebana features tiny pastel-colored blossoms on linear stems and looks straightforward without mixing and matching floral accents. 

Another is with a floating flower vase for something Mediterranean-inspired. The look of colorful petals floating on water is easy to do and looks simple yet aesthetically pleasing. 

Flower and plant filled patio

4- Monochromatic

With summer around the corner, the light and sun rays look brighter. This intense feel and look of warmth would perfectly match a monochromatic setup. Once you have a stained or stamped concrete patio, this is easy. With the balance of textured patterns on the floors and subtle unifying colors for the furniture, the patio would look calming and fresh for the summer. 

5- Multi-Layered Floating Concrete Steps

Adding an extension to the concrete patio floor would make the space look spacious. You need to feel that you have enough space to breathe to avoid feeling cluttered, which would be uncomfortable once you add the warm breeze to the ambiance during summer days. 

Floating concrete steps would make the patio look as if it is floating. Finish the sites or resurface the entire concrete slabs with an offset white to make them look modern and stylish. 

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