5 Concrete Floor Ideas for Minimalist Homes

Minimalism is for those who opt for a straightforward approach in decorating their homes. With its sleek and no-fuss interiors, this trend in home design isn’t going away anytime soon. An essential design element seen in this trend is the creative use of concrete flooring. Need ideas? Look no further because here are 5 concrete floor ideas for your minimalist home.

Dark Stained Concrete Floors

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When it comes to minimalism, contrast is key. Bright walls paired with dark flooring adds much-needed contrast that makes for an ultimate design statement. However, you want to be able to strike a balance and not make your floors look like a dark empty void. To achieve this, concrete staining is a good option. You can stain your floors a darker color while maintaining a luminous effect that naturally comes with stained concrete.

Stamped Concrete Exterior Floors

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Stamped concrete isn’t really something that instantly comes to mind when you think of minimalism. However, with the right design choices, concrete stamping can be used to complement the minimalist elements of your home. Especially when it comes to exterior floors. Choose a simple pattern accented with texture for your patios, pool decks or driveways. Opt for neutral colors to complete the look.

Polished Concrete Floors

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Gone are the days when we did our best to hide concrete floors with rugs and carpeting. It’s now a bold design choice to keep the natural raw color of your concrete floors and have them polished to perfection. This makes for an undone yet sophisticated look for that minimalistic industrial vibe. Concrete polishing achieves this by grinding the existing floor with diamond abrasives.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Coating

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A way to add subtle drama to your minimalist home is to add a marble floor while keeping most elements simple and solid. Surely you’ve seen luxurious marble floors in celebrity home interiors. Ever wondered how to achieve it without burning a hole through your wallet? The metallic epoxy coating does just that. It can be customized to mimic the look of polished marble with its swirls of shimmering pigment.

If you’re veering towards modernity, we can help turn these ideas into reality. For epoxy, polished, stamped and stained concrete in St Louis, visit our website.

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