Matching Stamped Concrete Patterns With Your Home’s Exterior Style


There are many concrete stamps available nowadays, making it quite difficult to actually zero in on specific stamped concrete designs that would satisfy your style craving and match your home’s exterior appropriately. The main rule that could really help you come to a decision is to base all your outdoor choices on the architectural design of your home.

Where to Get Ideas for Concrete Stamp Patterns

As mentioned earlier, the main elements that make up the exterior of your home should help determine which concrete stamping patterns you must go for. Here are some tips on where to get inspiration that would help spark ideas in your head:

1. Home’s Exterior Facade

As seen from the outside, your home will look a lot better if the outdoor pavement complements its existing design. For example, if you have a brick house, then it should also be the stamped concrete pattern of choice.

2. Surrounding Landscape

If you are looking to stamp concrete patterns on a patio, pool deck, or driveway, consider the colors and textures found on your landscape.

3. Neighbors

Know a neighbor who just had decorative concrete installed? Pay them a visit so you could check out the actual appearance and ask them questions while you’re there.

4. Home Expos and Exhibits

If you have local concrete contractors in your area, pay their shop a visit and check their portfolio or showroom, if they have one.

5. Architect or Landscape Contractor

Who better to ask than the experts themselves? Most stamped concrete professionals are willing to give free consultations and estimates to interested customers.

5 Outdoor Style Palettes for Stamping Concrete

Textured driveway with a sporty car

Here is a guide to help you make excellent stamped concrete pattern choices based on your home’s style palette.

Old World

What it is: It is a style that conveys the warmth and antiquity of centuries past.
What concrete stamp patterns and textures work best: Small tiles and flagstone stamped concrete


What it is: Often composed of formal, classic, and simple elements and details.
What patterns and textures work best: Brick and natural-cut stone patterns like ashler stone or slate


What it is: Geometric, industrial, utilitarian, and sleek elements often depict a modern and contemporary look
What patterns and textures work best: Geometric stamped concrete patterns like slate and tile.


What it is: A tropical setting depicts the relaxing but otherwise refreshing vibe of the sea, sun, and sand
What patterns and textures work best: Geometric as well as random patterns in warm hues are ideal for this style palette.


What it is: Noted for its earth tones and rough rustic charm prevalent in ranches and country farmhouses
What patterns and textures work best: Stone-cut and textured, such as a cobblestone stamped concrete pattern.

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