How Do You Make Concrete Look New Again?

Do you want to know more straightforward ways to make old concrete look new again? 

Before you choose to throw your old concrete floors away and replace them, know first what else you can do. Concrete refinishing contractors use the latest innovative ways to do concrete floor renewal.

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4 Tips From Our Decorative Concrete Contractor Experts

First, get familiar with the most common ways to make your old concrete look new.

Power Washing

Using pressurized water grimes on the concrete floors and other stains, get off the surface quickly. You may think that the concrete floors look old. 

But when you power washes it, you realize that the old grime and dirt that gets stuck on the surface covers the surface that makes it look outdated and old.

Concrete Resurfacing

Concrete resurfacing gives you a practical solution to revive an old and damaged slab without doing too much. 

Resurfacing restores the concrete surface by pouring a fresh layer of concrete known as an overlay.

Concrete Sealing

Old or new cracks will disappear by using concrete coatings or sealers. Usually, these materials contain epoxy coatings enhanced with acrylic-based layers for outdoor use.

Staining Concrete

Staining uses pigments that seep into the deepest layers of the concrete slabs. Usually, staining is often used indoors. Nowadays, staining is preferred to sealcoat outdoor concrete-like as front entryway and concrete driveway St Louis.

Making Old Concrete Look New Again

It would be helpful to know what are the areas where concrete often meets damages.

  • Concrete driveways
  • Garage floors
  • Kitchen floors
  • Patios
  • Entryways
  • Pool Decks
  • Commercial spaces
  • Manufacturing facilities

Heavy forklift areas, places with constant foot traffic and get busy 24/7, need regular maintenance. No matter how unbreakable a concrete floor is, it needs good care and proper treatment to give it a longer lifespan.

Steps To Renew Concrete Surfaces

So, you may already have picked your concrete restoration procedure. Following the essential steps ensures you have good results. You must follow these three main stages correctly:

1. Preparation

You may have already heard this part many times. To treat the floors, you must always start with preparation.

Clean the floors. Use your standard cleaning tools, such as the broom, mop, and simple cleaning solutions. 

The reason for adequately preparing the surface is to remove any debris that may cause the decorative treatments to fail.

Any resurfacing, coating, or retouch you apply to the floors adheres successfully if the concrete surfaces were even and polished.

2. Fill And Repair Cracks

Once you clear the surface from any flaws, you will notice if there are existing cracks. It is best to repair the broken parts first before you install any decorative overlays and coatings. 

Concrete is one durable unit of flooring, so a tiny crack would grow if left unfixed. 

Coating the surface without prior repairs will only make you blind and leave those damages growing and causing even worse flooding problems.

3. Apply And Seal

The final stage would involve your primary process of resurfacing and other methods that you opt to use. 

Learn first how to choose the proper techniques and materials for your concrete floors. You can check out blogs from this site for more info. 

If unsure how a specific decorative flooring works, it is always helpful and more beneficial to rely on experts. Do not hesitate to contact a professional flooring installer for some details and advice to treat old and worn-out concrete floors.

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To break all things down once again, concrete floors are an efficient material that, even if they get old and worn out, you can still revive its stunning look. 

Choose a flooring treatment that will meet the concrete requirement in your properties. And finally, ask the help of an expert flooring team near you to provide a precise and effective solution.

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