All About Maintaining Resurfaced Concrete

Improvement projects like concrete resurfacing are a substantial investment to your commercial or residential concrete property. I’m sure you’ll agree that every investment should be cared for. In this case, resurfaced concrete should be protected with proper maintenance. If you have a resurfaced concrete space or if you’re planning to have one it helps to know how to properly maintain it. Especially now that spring season is knocking on the door of San Diego residents. This is a task that has to be added to your spring cleaning checklist.

Concrete resurfacing extends the service life of a concrete area and proper maintenance ensures the longevity of it. To maintain your resurface concrete spaces, there are three things to keep in mind: Cleaning, stain removal and resealing.

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Dirt, grit, and debris are abrasives that can be rough on resurfaced concrete if these are left to stay for too long. Pair that with foot and vehicle traffic and it can be worked in even further into the surface. Regular sweeping with a soft-bristled broom is enough to avoid this. An occasional wash or mopping with mild soap and water will certainly help prevent build-up as well. This also extends the life of the resurfaced concrete sealer prolonging the lifespan of the protective layer.

Stain Removal

If your resurfaced concrete is properly sealed, stains shouldn’t cause much of a headache. Sealants protect the concrete surface by keeping staining elements from seeping through. However, make sure that grease, oil, and thick liquids don’t stay on for too long. When these come in contact with the concrete surface clean them off as soon as possible. If sealer wasn’t enough to protect the resurfaced concrete from stains use a mild detergent and a nylon brush to scrub stains off.


Your resurfaced concrete has to be resealed every 2-5 years depending on the volume of foot or vehicle traffic. Sealers make the cleaning and stain removal easier to do. It protects color from fading, blocks the penetration of stains, repels water, and provides a level of resistance from abrasions. Resealing is what keeps your concrete surfaces protected even after years since these have been resurfaced.

Although cleaning and stain removal is easy to do on your own, proper resealing should be reserved for the pros. Call a licensed concrete contractor for services like concrete resurfacing, resealing, and refinishing. To know more about St. Louis Decorative Concrete visit our homepage.

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