Acrylic Cement Coating For Outdoor Flooring

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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing offers acrylic cement coating installations in the Manchester, MO area. Based on years of successful installations in the region, we understand the demands of four seasons on concrete surfaces. From the humidity and heat of summer to the ice and cold of winter, one must protect concrete surfaces against the effects of weather. We can recommend solutions to customer needs, and we offer free estimates.

Sundek Classic Texture, the unique acrylic coating is perfect for unfinished concrete surfaces. We use it in resurfacing a concrete surface to add color and protective coatings to ordinary cement areas. The result is an improved appearance and enhanced footing. The coating is also used f there is an old sealed installation. We refinish the surface which includes re-coloring and re-sealing the site. The treatment brings a fresh look to a faded location and a like new appearance. Sundek Classic Texture is a fabulous choice for pool deck and patio installations. The eye-catching beauty of the textured layers blends-in seams and surface repairs. Completely customizable, clients can select among rich colors and attractive patterns to make these outdoor living spaces into centerpieces for entertainment and recreation. With the use of templates, one can simulate brick or tile. The treatment will improve traction, mute surface temperatures in intense sunlight, and protect surfaces in hot or cold seasons. Driveway and entryway installations require the excellent foot safety feature and its superior resistance to stains and oil spills.

We invite calls and inquiries about our outstanding acrylic cement coating services at Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. Please call (636) 256-6733 for a free estimate or e-mail Our commitment to excellent customer service begins with the first call or visit, please call or fill out our request quote form available in our website.

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