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claasic-texture-pool-deck-missouriAre you curious about the idea of decorative concrete? If you’re ready to try something new but don’t have the time or the resources to commit to a full-scale renovation, get to know a concrete contractor with almost three decades of history in your area.

Trust your needs to an exclusive Sundek dealer in St. Louis with nearly 30 years of experience introducing property owners to the wonders of renovated concrete. Engage experts with an outstanding professional track record and an A-plus rating from the Better Business Bureau.

The top choice for commercial and residential concrete projects in Manchester, MO

From the time-tested walls of historic Manchester City Hall to the countless new properties appearing daily as the city expands to meet the needs of a growing population, this is a region where past meets present in America’s heartland. Choose a company with a reputation for understanding the opportunities and challenges that make this part of Missouri unique.

Concrete resurfacing

Don’t look to a bulldozer; look inside your own imagination. You don’t have to subject yourself to a tedious and invasive demolition of your existing surfaces. Ask about custom-designed overlays that can make radical changes to the appearance of your home or business.

Sundek Classic Texture

Pools are sought-after bonuses in the heat of Missouri summers, but unpleasantly hot pool decks can make summer parties painful. Find out more about Sundek Classic Texture, a specialized application that will equip your deck with a slip-resistant texture while keeping surfaces cool.

Stamped concrete

If you’re wincing uncomfortably about the idea of spending your savings on expensive textiles, put the checkbook down now. Use stamped concrete to replicate the appearance of tile, brick, slate or even wood; custom carving is an option if you already have a unique look in mind.

Concrete staining

Professionals are here to help with installation, but they’ll also open your mind to the possibilities of concrete. Revitalize your environment with an acid-based or water-based colored stain made to withstand Missouri’s hottest summer days.

Polyaspartic floor coverings

Would you be able to make an informed selection on something as important as your floor treatment? Leave the guesswork to the experts. Ask about the advantages of epoxy, polyurea, acrylic or urethane flooring applications.

Epoxy floors

Has your stained, scuffed garage floor become a walk of shame? Contractors are here to tell you more about what you can do with epoxy flooring. Once you’ve seen the fantastic results, ask about insider tips for keeping your floors looking brand-new for years to come.

Get in touch

Don’t wait another minute to realize your dreams. Get the looks and textures you’ve always imagined today. Contact (636) 256-6733 or with your commercial or residential concrete needs, and complete the online contact form to receive a personalized free quote now. Your new look could be more accessible than you think, and decorative concrete is the answer.

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