Garage Flooring Options Available in Ladue, MO

 Ladue, MO garage floorDecorative Concrete Resurfacing helps MO residents have the Ladue garage floor that they’ve always dreamed of. We offer two garage floor systems that will make your floor easy to maintain.

Ladue, MO is the inner-ring suburb of St. Louis. It also has the median household income of any city in the state. When you look around your neighbors, you’re probably always in competition with them for the greenest lawn, the best holiday decorations, or something else. When you open your garage door, you want to impress them with a concrete coating that is exceptional looking.

Rain or melted snow can create a slick surface. We can prevent that with a hyper slip-resistant additive. We can also enhance the appearance of your floor by creating a granite or terrazzo look.

When you’re ready to improve your garage flooring, call us at (636) 256-6733 to get a free estimate.

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