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Residential Pool Deck DesignsDecorative Concrete Resurfacing is well-known for their choice of acrylic cement coating product that is used on all their surfaces known as Sundek Classic Texture. We use this coating on entryways, driveways, pool decks, walkways, patios, and many other types of surfaces. We work with both commercial properties and residential homes to ensure the surfaces look brand new at all times in Ladue, MO and surrounding areas.

Sundek Classic Texture ensures all the surfaces will be slip-resistant when wet, stay cool to the touch during high temperatures, and can be applied over past decorative coating. It locks in all the protection the surfaces need in order to look their absolute best at all times. This guarantees that the surfaces will not fade in color overtime and will ensure that the cracks are no longer visible. It can be applied to new or existing surfaces.

Cracks, chips, and flakes can really make a surface look unappealing. We can help you get rid of all those unwanted cracks to make your surfaces look new. In addition, you can choose a design or color that you want to help make your surface look unique. For a free estimate on services, be sure to give us a call at (636) 256-6733 or simply browse our website. From here, you can see a  form that you can fill out in order for our company to contact you. Contact us today