Acrylic Cement Coating for Commercial And Residential Floors

concrete pool deck overlay st louis

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing brings an exciting acrylic cement coating to outdoor areas around the Chesterfield, MO area. Homeowners who have patios, pool decks, driveways, walkways, or entryways that require TLC should look no further than our Sundek Classic Texture coating.

Using Classic Texture, we can completely resurface any old or new concrete outdoor area. Whether a cement surface is chipping, flaking, or has cracks, we can refinish the surface and give it a new look that features one of our many decorative designs and color options. Not only will the newly resurfaced area look great, but it will also be totally functional and slip resistant, and it will remain cooler than untreated concrete when exposed to sunlight.

Classic Texture also offers the advantage of helping property owners cut maintenance costs as the coating seals out dirt, chemicals, and oils that may otherwise penetrate and affect the concrete surface. Cement areas that have been previously treated with Kool Deck or similar acrylic coating products may benefit from the use of Classic Texture as well. We can simply recolor and reseal a previously cement surface that is showing signs of age or exposure to the elements. The retreated surface will look brand new again.

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