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Decorative Concrete Resurfacing in St. Louis uses Sundek cement staining concrete techniques to beautify cement surfaces both indoors and out. Our Sundek artisans use SunAcid, SunH2O, and SunDye coloring solutions to achieve stunning, one-of-a-kind decorative looks on patios, pool decks, and basement concrete floors. These techniques have been used in hotel lobbies and ballrooms as well.

Water-Based and Acid Stained Concrete

SunAcid, an acid-base coloring solution, is sprayed onto the cement. St. Louis installers then use water to neutralize the acid, allowing the stain to dry. Chemicals in the treatment react directly with the cement surface, bonding it permanently. SunAcid can be combined with other decorative techniques to achieve the perfect look.

SunH2O, a water-based stain, works beautifully for treating cement or any cement overlay. The pigmented water solution can be layered, offering color combinations and patterned effects unachievable with other types of stains. The unique looks achieved with SunH2O are ideal in restaurants and showrooms as well as in residential settings.

SunDye is a product that can be used alone or combined with SunAcid. It can be applied with acetone for a dark, monotone look or used with water to achieve decorative variations in hue. This stain dries quickly and provides an efficient, economical concrete staining solution for coloring interior cement surfaces.

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