Do It Like a Pro Spray Knockdown Finish: Tips and Tricks

Textures tell a great story about your home since they are on surfaces we can see or touch. Various texture styles have been around for decades but have never gone out of style, and one of them is called “spray knockdown finish.”

To avoid having a dull house on the block, you can learn here how to add knockdown textures like a pro or get help from concrete resurfacing companies.

Sundek installer using spray knockdown texture to resurface pool

Knowing What is Knockdown Texture

Knockdown texture is the result of two distinct processes. Experts of Texture Matching coined these as “applied then knocked down.”

A drywall knife is dragged over the applied coating to create a flat surface on the floor. It gives the concrete surfaces a blotchy look, making them more interesting than plain flat ones. Other than the look, it also adds grip and anti-slip features.

Spray Texture

Spray texture, also called “trowel knockdown,” is a technique to resurface and design concrete. Spray knock-down finish St Louis also covers any stains and makes the surface durable.

As the name suggests, you can put this on with a hopper gun or an aerosol spray. And after spraying textures on a knockdown overlay, it is gently smoothed with a screed, a trowel, rollers, or stamps to make it look more subtly stylish.

What is a Knockdown Overlay?

Textures are typical for wall designs, but knockdown finish St Louis is not limited to drywall. It can also be used on horizontal concrete or floors, called a “knockdown overlay.”

You can use knockdown overlays on indoor or outdoor floors. But since it has anti-slip properties, it became even more popular on floors with heavy foot traffic and often exposed to water and dirt.

Tricks to Achieve the Knockdown Texture

Most of the time, the tricks you use to get the knockdown texture depends on the tools you use. If you need the right tools, try to search for decorative concrete resurfacing near me.

But to give you knowledge, here’s an overview of materials, how to use them, and how they will turn out.

How to Do Knockdown Texture on Concrete?

To create this, we will combine some independent essential tools and finishing techniques to make a knockdown.

Finished spray texture in a concrete pool deck

Slap Brush for Drywall & Ceiling

Put pressure on the surface with a brush so the bristles spread like a flower, sunburst, or fan. You can change the thickness of the mud, how much you overlap your stomping pattern, or the brush you use to make different textures.

Flat White Knockdown for Flat Surfaces Such as Walls and Floors

Any concrete resurfacing near me knows a flat white aerosol makes the effect happen quickly. It is easy to blend, and you will get all the places and avoid bald spots.

Trowel Finish for Concrete Floor

Use a trowel or knife to knock down the applied heavy-bodied texture in texturizing. But you have to do it gently, or it will completely smooth out the knockdown finish and make it look like smooth concrete instead of the splatter knockdown finish.

Tips to Match the Right Spray Texture to Your Spaces

For pool decks, a landscaping view is crucial. Spray paint can help match your new textured spray to your pool and surroundings.
For the patio, a warm and welcoming ambiance is essential.

But all houses have different styles, which is why you need help to match them on your floors. In that case, search for concrete patio resurfacing near for you to contact the contractors in your area quickly.

For the driveway, spray-down concrete resurfacing in St Louis is best. This area in your home only needs light troweling after spraying textures, which professionals can do best.

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