How To Make Residential Concrete Floors Safe For Kids

At first look, you wouldn’t make concrete floors the first choice when considering making safe floors for the children. Flooring companies and contractors highly recommend residential concrete St Louis for most homes with children. 

Do not get swayed by the cemented look of the concrete flooring. There are easy and effective ways to make the surface extra safe and convenient for living while kids running and getting active at home. 

There are five ways to make residential concrete floors safe for kids.

Five Ways To Make Concrete Floors At Home Child Friendly And Safe

1- Always Keep It Clean

No other way to best make safe floors than regularly cleaning the surface. Simply cleaning would already prevent almost 90% of danger from lingering around the floors. This would encompass those major causes of accidents like slipping, tripping, and falling onto hard surfaces would cause severe concussions. 

Most often, those that cause slippery, accident-prone surface floors are liquid stains, fruit and vegetable peels, and other food spills. Materials like metallic objects or heavy devices that fall and cause floor dents are also common causes. Avoid concrete floor problems by keeping the floors clean always.

2- Place Shock And Impact Absorber With Carpets And Rugs

There are safety rugs and carpets that you can place on the floors, especially around areas where it could be a danger for children. These spaces could be your kitchen hallways, stairways, and patios. 

Baby crawling on the floor with carpet

3- Install Puzzle Tile Flooring

Concrete is practical for its longevity. While you still wait for the children to grow up, in the meantime, you can install safety with puzzle tile floor mats. 

These are common in playrooms. And these materials come in fun and playful designs and colors, making them child friendly. 

4- Polishing Concrete

Don’t mistake this as a way to make the shiny floors slippery. While it got “polish” to its name, this flooring application would not end in an a-sliding-on-the-floor scenario.

Concrete polishing is a method that makes a safe floor by minimizing its unevenness. Rough flooring surfaces often cause scrapes on the knees. By polishing the concrete, you would provide a smooth, flat floor where it is safer and more convenient in the presence of little ones.

People polishes floor indoors

5- Applying A Sealer

Is sealing concrete necessary? Absolutely! Applying sealer makes the entire flooring surface clean, polished, and free from microorganisms. Allergies and poor indoor air quality are common dangers to children at home. Experts found that common sickness like asthma or skin allergies are caused by bacteria that breed and start on the floors. 

A bare concrete slab still has pores and tiny gaps on them. If left unsealed, any forms of bacteria and disease-carrying dirt would bore into these tiny holes. Sealing the concrete helps reduce the presence of microbes, molds, and other germ-carrying entities.

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