Ideas in Creating a Kid-Friendly Patio

kid friendly patioSetting up the concrete patio with outdoor furniture is a great way to make it more relaxing and enjoyable. If you are looking to make it kid-friendly for your children, make sure that you choose the right furniture. Before you head out to shop for furniture, consider the following ideas:

Machine-Washable Fabric Cover

Oftentimes, when you think of kid-friendly furniture, anything that is made of fabric is a no-no. It is quite inevitable for them to throw or spill food or drinks. Imagine how much stain that would create on fabric. But there is a way you could still have fabric furniture, which is choosing those that have removable machine-washable covers.

Furniture Kids Can Reach

Outdoor furniture comes in all shapes and sizes. If you have to choose something that would benefit your kids, make sure to choose something that is low enough for them to reach but not too low for you to use.

Tough and Durable Material

Kids are carefree so don’t expect them to move around cautiously around outdoor furniture. Instead of constantly reminding them to be careful not to damage furniture, choose chairs and tables that are tough and durable enough to endure childs play and usage. If you must choose plastic, choose the type that is thick and sturdy. Flimsy materials will not only wear out faster but also a safety hazard for both kids and adults alike.

Designs that Appeal to Kids

If you pay close attention to how schools and kid recreational areas are set up, you will see loud, bold colors and creative designs. Make your patio appealing enough for kids to enjoy. You can add a touch of bold colors through throw pillows. Child-friendly designs do not have to be elaborate. There are kid designs that are fun but still highly sophisticated and elegant.

Safe for Kids

Steer clear of furniture with sharp edges or complicated designs where their limbs could get stuck. Choose simple designs that are rounded or blunt at the edges.

If you are heading out to shop for patio furniture, try not to bring your kids along. There is a tendency for them to choose items that are too colorful or those with mundane designs that only kids would understand. To prevent tantrums when you don’t purchase what they want, do the shopping alone but ask for their opinion before heading out, especially when it comes to color.

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