Influencing Factors: Stamped Concrete Cost

stamped-concrete-patio-st-louis-moThe usual range for stamped concrete cost is from $8 to over $18, depending on various influential factors. It is important to take these into consideration before beginning a project to give you a good overview of the actual total cost of your decorative concrete project.

Area Size

More often than not, most flooring projects are computed per square foot. This is so because the larger the area, the more materials it would require, and the wider the area that the stamped concrete contractor would have to deal with.

Pre-application Repairs

A stamped concrete overlay is applied on an existing concrete slab, making it a lot more economical than other flooring options. However, if your current floor has a lot of damage that needs to be addressed before the overlay can actually be applied, then it may be an additional cost to you. A contractor could give you an assessment and an estimate of the repairs required depending on the severity.

Material and Labor Cost

Another factor that could affect the total cost is the price of materials and labor within your area. It would be best to canvass for affordable yet efficient contractors that make use of economical but quality materials for stamped concrete resurfacing projects.

Patterns, Scorelines or Expansion Joints

stamped-concrete-overlay-european-fan-patternThere is a wide range of stamped concrete patterns available but their level of complexity varies. It is better to ask a contractor if a certain pattern would be more expensive than others. Another add-on that you may want to consider is the addition of scorelines or expansion joints. These are often done on concrete to disguise irreparable cracks and to prevent future cracks as well.

Custom Hand Staining

If you are after stamped concrete designs that replicate the look of natural stone, such as flagstone, travertine, or limestone, then a custom hand-staining may be required to make it look realistic. This means additional labor for the contractor. Also, the more stamped concrete colors used, the higher material cost would be as well.

Slip-Resistant Sealers

Stamped concrete floors, whether inside or out, needs to be slip-resistant for the safety of people walking on it. Although the stamped designs already create a textured surface, some may require a slip-resistant sealer to be applied to enhance it further, especially on pool decks. Make sure to hire a contractor who really knows how to stamp concrete and seal it well enough according to your needs.

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