How to Make Your Garage Floor Last

Garage floors are the most abused interior floors in a home. Imagine how much weight and usage it endures each and every day. Whether it is from the daily rolling of wheels or the grease spilling on the floor, a concrete garage floor is far from being safe from damage. However, it can be quite costly to replace the flooring or install a new concrete slab. So how do you make garage floors in St. Louis last longer and prevent unwanted expenses?

Choose a Durable Garage Floor Coating

Old concrete garage floors can still be rejuvenated by resurfacing it with a durable overlay or coating. An epoxy flooring coating is one of the most highly recommended for both residential and commercial garage flooring in St. Louis. Why not? It is extremely durable, waterproof, and impact-resistant. Everything you would want on a garage floor.

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Hire a Professional Garage Flooring St. Louis Contractor

Extending the lifespan of the garage floor may seem simple but it actually involves a lot of things. An epoxy coating, for example, must be applied on a well-prepared concrete surface that is free from moisture. The resin and hardener must be mixed thoroughly and in accurate proportions to ensure that it dries properly and with long-lasting results. This is the reason why hiring a professional concrete contractor is always the wisest choice. He would have the experience and knowledge to apply the coating properly and efficiently while making sure that the garage floor’s concrete slab is in a favorable condition for a resurfacing project.

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips

A garage floor needs proper cleaning and maintenance to make it less likely to get damaged. Epoxy’s low-maintenance feature makes it all the more preferable for concrete garage surfaces. Here are some cleaning and maintenance tips you might want to try:

  • Wipe spills immediately. Although epoxy is non-porous and would not stain, it is still ideal to clean up spills as soon as possible to keep it from causing any accident.
  • Sweep or dry mop the surface at least once a week or twice a month. This helps prevent dirt from building up and hardening.
  • Avoid chemical-based cleaning products if at all possible. Any harsh ingredient may weaken the garage floor’s surface.
  • Address minor issues immediately. If you notice a little pit caused by impact, fill it with an epoxy filler before it gets worse.
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