How to Maintain A Concrete Driveway


Concrete is one of the most ideal paving materials for any driveway. But not matter how practical or versatile a concrete driveway St. Louis MO is, nothing could really be maintenance-free. Here are helpful tips from concrete driveway contractors to optimize the life expectancy of a concrete driveway:

Clean as Needed

Cleaning a driveway is fast and easy. Just make sure to sweep away any dirt on it to keep it looking neat. Also, don’t let fallen leaves or cut grass to rot on the concrete driveway surface to prevent it from developing molds or mildew which could make the surface slippery.

Reapply Sealer

A concrete driveway sealer adds a protective layer against a variety of damaging elements such as tire treads or tracks, stains, water, and more. Sealers often last for about two years before it needs to be reapplied. There are different types of concrete driveways so it is important to get the right type of sealer as well.

Remove Stains ASAP

Concrete is a highly porous material which is why it gets stained easily. A sealer could help prevent it but just to make sure that any spills would not cause any unpleasant marks, wipe it off immediately. The most common stains on a driveway are those from grease and gasoline. In case any of these leaves a stain, pressure wash the area and brush with a mild cleaning product so as not to damage the concrete driveway resurfacing coating on it, if it has any.

Avoid Deicing Salts

During winter, deicing salts is the most common remedies to improve traction on a snow-covered driveway. However, as much as it is helpful, it can also be quite damaging to concrete. Although there are concrete driveway repair methods for scaling and spalling, it can be quite costly. For a safer and more affordable option, apply a layer of sand on the driveway to improve traction. It is also highly recommended by contractors to not use any deicing salts the first winter after a concrete driveway installation.

Use a Concrete Driveway St. Louis MO with Care

Despite being commended for being one of the most durable construction materials in the world, concrete does have a breaking point. The way it is used matters a lot in reducing the need for dealing with the expensive cost of concrete driveway repairs. When removing snow, use a shovel instead of any equipment that uses a blade to remove accumulated snow. Also, avoid putting too much weight on a concrete driveway if it is not engineered to handle such weight.

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