How to Expand your Outdoor Living Space & Patio

Hello, I’m Lisa O’Hern with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing, and the subject of our talk today is how to expand your outdoor living space and make it work for your family. We are here with Michelle burke today of chesterfield and she’s got a home improvement project that he is starting on. Michelle tell us about your project.

Michelle: well today we are expanding our patio, we have a very small patio right now, but with three growing teenager, we definitely need more living space after exploring the different possibilities we decided that an outdoor living space would be a lot more fun for their friends and our friends and a lot more relaxing.

Lisa O’Hern: Great, so tell us about how you choose the contractor that was going to do this work.

Michelle: Well, I have some friends who have used decorative concrete resurfacing and have been happy with the work, so I got on the internet and looked through their qualifications and I checked out the relationship with the better business bureau, and then I called and asked for someone to come and kind of explain what they do and give us an estimate and Lisa came and was very helpful and explained things and came back to us with a very fair price, so that’s how we decided.

Lisa O’Hern: so I see that you have just gotten started here a little bit, what’s the plan for today?

Michelle: well today the guys are here just to dig out the rest of the patio, and then tomorrow they come back and are going to pour concrete.

Lisa O’Hern: Michelle’s patio was about a 10 by 20 area, so it stopped about here at this point and went back to the house. So a 10 by 20 patio really isn’t enough space for you to do much with it. It allows maybe a table, maybe a grill and that’s about it. So when Michelle was deciding what do I really want to do, the first step was to take a garden hose, lay it outside into the grass that’s on the perimeter and determine not only the shape that she want to use but also what is it that I want to include in my new patio addition. So we literally laid down a garden hose before we poured the concrete and we brought all her new patio furniture out and anything she though she wanted to include in the area. They lived with it for a week because that’s how you truly know if it’s the size you want to pour. Lived with it a week, we came back, measured the area that we were going to add and we came up with a figure of about 400 sq. ft. so then comes bringing in the concrete guy, having him pour in the addition, and if you look here the addition is everything beyond this joint so we added about another 10 ft. by 30 ft. here and then we added another 10 ft. by 15 ft. over here. So one that concrete was poured we allowed it to wait for about 7 days for an initial cure and that allowed us to come in and install the sun deck material on top of it. If they have new and existing material, concrete those two concrete will never look the same color, so it very important that you do a resurfacing material on, and that’s where I come into play.

Sundeck is an acrylic cement coating that we spray right on top of your existing concrete. What we did for Michelle was a classic texture finish done in a Franciscan ran color and then she opted to put a nice brick border around the perimeter.

SO, Michelle, will you recommend Decorative Concrete Resurfacing?

Michelle: oh 100%, great company and I love my patio

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