How to Achieve Interesting Flooring Look for Patios

The first thought that comes to mind when you think of a concrete patio is a gray slab that is a bit rough to the touch. Although this thought is triggered by how we perceive concrete in the past, it is not the right perception anymore. Concrete has come a long way from being just a subbase material. It has gone from being a base material to a credible aesthetic solution for concrete patios, driveways, pool decks, and more. It can now be molded and designed to look as luxurious as any other paving material. In fact, you would not even know it is concrete!

  • Stamped Concrete Patternshand carved stamped pattern

Stamp mats have become more realistic now as compared to those metal cookie cutters contractors had way back in the 1950s. The polyurethane material makes it easier to mold the mat onto the concrete, be it flat or sloped. The brick patterns are also more realistic. The brick shapes are inconsistent and it has the texture of brick with a few dents and blemish here and there. Even natural stone patterns have more variety in shapes and sizes. Once imprinted, you won’t even notice where the pattern repeats itself.

Texturing mats are similar to stamping but it does not involve a pattern. The polyurethane mats for this often only feature a texture, such as fractured slate, which you could use alone or as an additional enhancement for a stamped stone pattern.

  • Concrete Stainingstamped concrete patio St Louis

This is one of the most popular methods of coloring concrete slabs. It penetrates deep into the slab so you won’t catch it fading, flaking, or peeling off. Used on a concrete patio, an acid stain creates special effects as a result of the chemical reaction between the stain and the concrete. The effects make the entire slab look like a natural stone surface. Some effects even make it look like leather.

As an additional enhancement to a stamped pattern, concrete stains make stamped natural stone, brick, or wood patterns a lot more realistic. Artisans often stain the surface manually to make the transformation more believable.

  • Hire a Decorative Concrete Contractorcontractor

Need help making concrete not look like concrete? A decorative concrete specialist can help you out. They specialize in repairing, refinishing, and resurfacing concrete surfaces and that includes making them look as elegant as high-end paving materials. There are several patterns, textures, and colors available to enhance a concrete patio.

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