Tropical Backyards: 3 Hottest Designs Today

Nothing beats refreshing, lush green spaces with floras and faunas that remind you of a tropical destination worldwide. But you do not have to go far to escape the bustling metropolitan noise and the hectic hustle-city life. To tell you the truth, a few tweaks on your Concrete Patios St Louis can do the trick!

Tropical Landscaping And Summer-Getaway Inspired Backyards

All you need is a little creativity, and voila! You can turn your backyard into your dream oasis in no time.

We asked expert designers to give you the latest topical backyard designs you can do at your homes and even your commercial spaces. You can also check out some of the latest pins on your favorite online resource, such as Pinterest.

Decorative Concrete Resurfacing gathered the three hottest designs that can update the look of your poolscapes, backyards, and more!

1- Tropical Landscaping

You can achieve a lush forest in your yard by including an array of tropical flora. Palm trees, ferns, and flower-bearing trees like frangipanis are typical choices for you. Or you can plant as simple as banana trees or dates with large but short tunks that raise high with their massive leaves.

These natural ornaments are perfect for crafting vibrant greeneries in your driveways. If you have a patio, you can add ferns around it to create a breezy ambiance that inspires you to build a mini reading nook on it.

When going for a tropical landscaping design, you need these two ideas to incorporate.

Flower and plant filled patio

Infuse with Water Elements

Tropical designs sound refreshing because they will often feature water elements. Make it look serene by creating a mini pond lush with ferns and Palmera plants.

But if you are in cold places like St. Louis, MO, you can opt for European palm trees to have a “South-Florida-feel” in your cool and breezy backyards.

Beach House Architecture

And together with the tropical design ideas mentioned above, you can also go for a beach house-architecture-inspired backyard. These designs often feature open patios, a swimming pool with fire pits, and lush green plants.

A tropical artifice would feature bamboo materials and wood for making thatched roofs and open patios. Keep it in mind to make the structures durable but light and airy.

2- Garden Designs

There are plenty of ways to add a tropical touch to your backyard. One of our favorites is the beauty of garden designs.

Imagine relaxing in a zen garden by the calming sound of a koi pond or taking time for yourself in a peaceful meditation area and releasing your inner monk.

You don’t need to settle for less. In fact, you can start with two ideas to create something extraordinary!

Koi pond in japanese house

Koi Ponds

A warm but refreshing garden will only be complete with a koi pond. You can start by building a small one.

You might have ample concrete space in your front yard and plan to renovate it by digging a small pond in one corner. You can create a smooth transition between the concrete surfaces to the pond area by resurfacing the surface with the stamped outdoor floor.

Monk Haven

A tropical-inspired garden translates calm and peace. This will be a perfect place to perform your favorite yoga poses or have a Pilates session with your close friends.

3- Pool Landscaping

Another variation of the ideas above is combining your Concrete Patios St Louis
and backyards with seamless pool landscaping.

To give you something new, our expert outdoor artisans recommend taking inspiration from these two cool and unique designs:

Pool landscape with plants and resurfaced concrete floor

Koh Samui Thailand Spas

Let your summer backyard transport you straight to the tropics with a spa-inspired design.

If you have yet to go to Thailand, they got some of the best spas and outdoor pool vibes that make you love the summer weather. A place called Koh Samui features secluded spa and outdoor water spots where you can be away from any distractions.

You can surround your swimming pool with vibrant plants and foliage reminiscent of exotic jungles.

A Greek God Deep Well Travertine Pool

Curious about how this goes? Check this Pin quickly for a godly revelation of what a Greek-God-deep-well-travertine-pool looks like. As you enter the heavenly realm of a Greek god’s deep well, travertine pool, its round and robust structure will greet you. The shallow end is perfect for beginning swimmers to take their first strokes. While the other deeper end is ready for all others’ adventuresome spirits. Remember to take in the picturesque surroundings of palm trees and ferns flourishing around you. Let your tropical outdoor spaces absorb any stress lingering after your day.
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