Are Hot Garage Flooring Coatings Right for Your Home?

The garage is probably the most overlooked, underappreciated area of the home. It’s a utilitarian space, used to store vehicles, lawn mowers and trimmers, or to pile your unused junk in boxes. However, it can be much more than that. Your garage can be a beautiful area that matches the rest of your home in looks without sacrificing usability. However, you will find that you need to consider a few aspects, particularly the flooring. Hot garage flooring coatings can help.

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Plain Concrete Is a Bad Choice

Chances are good that you’re planning to leave your garage floor “au naturale”, or untreated and uncovered. It’s concrete, so it shouldn’t really make a difference what you do or don’t do to it, right? Actually, that’s wrong. While it might seem like it’s pretty resistant, concrete can be easily damaged. In fact, bare concrete can be damaged by something as simple and gentle as pure water.

When you add in the number of chemicals your garage floor can be exposed to on a regular basis, as well as the amount of wear and tear the floor will experience from car tires, lawn mowers, and other items, the chance for damage is considerable. Engine oil, gasoline, bleach, chemical cleaners, water and even the tires on your car will cause serious problems with your floor, but hot garage flooring coatings can help you overcome this problem.

What Is a Hot Garage Floor Coating?

Understanding these types of coatings is important, but the name can be somewhat misleading. There’s no heat in the application process – the coatings protect against heat. For instance, if you chose to paint your garage floor, you’d quickly find that hot tires cause peeling. It’s a phenomenon called “hot tire pickup” and can leave your garage floor looking worse than if you’d left it alone from the beginning.

Hot garage flooring coatings are actually garage epoxy shield systems. You’ll find them in either two-part or multi-coat systems, and they allow you to enjoy a colorful, great looking garage floor without having to worry about the effects of hot tires. In addition, because epoxy is impermeable, you’ll find that oil, bleach, gasoline, cleaners are other things that can quickly damage a bare concrete floor can be easily wiped up without leaving a stain or etching the surface.

Pick Your Poison

If you’re convinced that it’s time for you to invest in hot garage flooring coatings, you’ll need to decide what system is right for your needs. You’ll find a variety of different solutions available on the market today, from clear epoxy shielding to colorful options that can give you a designer look within your garage. While many of these options are DIY in nature, it might be a better choice to work with a professional.

Professionally installed coatings are thicker, more resilient and more aesthetically pleasing than what you’ll find available in consumer DIY solutions. Work with a company that can help you achieve the look, feel and level of durability that you need.

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