Your Guide to A Summer-Ready Pool Deck

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Summer is fast approaching and it’s pool season once again. To optimize the benefits you get from your swimming pool area, make sure that it is ready for summer. Here is a 4-point guide to help you out:

Clean and Repair the Pool Deck

The first thing you should do is scan the pool area. Walk around and check the pool deck for any damage. If you find cracks or holes, make sure to have it fixed immediately to keep it from getting worse. A spray-down concrete resurfacing is an affordable way to give the old pool deck a new surface. The knockdown concrete pool deck texture created after the sprayed coating is troweled also helps enhance slip-resistance. Another notable feature of a spray knockdown finish is that it reflects heat, keeping the surface cool enough to walk on with bare feet,

Prepare the Pool Water

The pool water involves a lot of chemicals, one of which is chlorine. These, however, need to be at proper levels to make it safe to swim in. Remove any debris as well, such as fallen leaves. Measure the pH level. One highly recommended procedure is to shock the pool. Shock is a solution that kills bacteria, old chlorine, and algae organisms that may have accumulated in the pool while it was not in use. If you are not sure on how to do all these, contact a local pool expert to do it for you.

Put a First Aid or Rescue Kit Nearby

It is not enough that a pool deck knock down finish prevents slips and falls. There are other injuries that swimmers may encounter on the pool deck and quick relief needs to be accessible. A first aid kit should include items that will work when skin is soaked. Also, put a rescue kit near the swimming pool. This may include a swim ring, floatation device, and a hook for pulling people or items to the edge.

Check All Water Toys and Furniture

Swim rings and other inflatable items are popular for use on pools. However, make sure that each and every one of what you have is still in good working condition. Check inflatables for holes. Inflate them all and then leave them for a few minutes to an hour. Come back and check out which ones held their shapes and which ones need to go to the trash. Do not attempt to repair inflatable items.

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