Garage Floor Installation Testimonial: Taylor Truck & Auto Repair, Pevely, MO

A commercial garage flooring, like what Taylor Truck and Auto Repair have, needs to be always in tip-top shape to make it a safe and efficient surface for employees and clients alike. This is what the owner, Charlie, had in mind. He immediately hired a local contractor and he is more than satisfied with the experience and the results it yielded. Here’s a look at the whole story of how he acquired the clean and professional industrial epoxy garage flooring that he has now.

Melanie: Good afternoon! I’m here with Charlie of Taylor Truck and Auto Repair. We recently installed his shop floor here in Pevely, Missouri. Charlie, could you tell me what got you interested in doing your floor?

Charlie: Because it looks clean and professional. That’s what we wanted to do.

Melanie: Fabulous! Also, I was wondering what did you think of your crew on the install day when you were working.

Charlie: You had a professional crew. They work hard and fast. And really paid attention to the detail.

Melanie: Fabulous! Fabulous! And Charlie, would you say that you would recommend us to friends and family?

Charlie: Oh, definitely. I’ve already handed out your phone number now.

Melanie: Oh, great! Well, thank you so much, Charlie. We’re certainly happy that you had us do the work for you. I’m gonna go ahead and pan and show our viewers the floor.

before and after garage flooring pevely, mo

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