Garage Floor Installation Testimonial: Tim, St. Charles, MO

Garages are now being used for more things other than a car barn. It can be used as an art studio, a woodwork shop, and even as a storage unit. Time, a resident of St. Charles, Missouri, has recreated his garage and made it into a recreational space he calls a ‘Barage’. It is basically a bar and a garage all rolled into one. This concept came into existence after he had his garage floor resurfaced. The result was an elegant, low-maintenance surface that is resistant to heavy foot traffic and frequent use. Learn more about Tim’s ‘Barage’ concept and how satisfied he is with the concrete epoxy flooring work he recently had done on his garage floor.

Melanie: Good morning Tim! We’re here in St. Charles, Missouri. Tim, you’re a special customer of ours. We’ve done a couple of installs for you. We did your personal garage. I wanted to ask you what you thought of the floors finish. You had this floor installed on your first garage since April of 2016 last year. And you’ve been using since then. What do you think?

Tim: Well, we really appreciate the beauty of the garage. It’s very comforting and it’s very durable. And it’s very elegant. So we really enjoy utilizing our garage just because it’s very clean environment.

Melanie: Awesome. That’s so good to hear. Also, you have kind of interesting situation here, Tim. You’ve created what might be one of the biggest things in 2018 and beyond. It’s a concept that you’re calling the ‘Barage‘. Can you tell me a little bit how you’ve come up with that? Where the ideas were born.

Tim: Well, thanks to your company. We basically transform what was a very basic, boring garage into a really recreational garage which we used for a bar and recreation for lounging and entertaining. And we simply call it the “Barage”. We don’t even. It is so clean. Things we decorated. We don’t even pull our cars in here.

Melanie: I love it. What other kinds of things that you do in here. Looks like parties. You said you hosted a Christmas party, graduation party. Anything like that.

Tim: We.. I have two sons. And they entertain quite a bit in here. And this is the perfect place to entertain because of the durability of the flooring. It is so easy to keep it lean and sweep everything out, and there’s nothing to damage. With the flooring being so elegant walking as well, we got quite a few of complements with the flooring. And I must say the flooring is the key to making the “Barage” look as good as it does.

Melanie: It’s the key component. Awesome. And then, what are the characteristics were you looking for in a floor coating when you first started this process to find us and do your install?

Tim: Well, that was a good question. We wanted to just go with somehting very tasteful and again, durable and elegant. And thanks to your consultant, we were able to get a wide variety of choices. Andd I really relied on the expertise of your company to help me decide on the correct color combination, and there was quite a few to choose from.

Melanie: Yeah, that’s why I wanted to ask if you like the color combinations.

Tim: I do. I do. We wanted a neutral mixture of a beiges and browns, and grays. And according to your consultant, this is one of the most popular ones as well.

Melanie: Yes, it is.

Tim: We got quite a few complements.

Melanie: Great! And then, one more question. You said it was easy to clean. What is the general consensus of your friends and family that come here and see this. Was there certain anything unusual they say. Wow or what is that.

Tim: Sure. As I’ve mentioned before, the flooring is clearly the key element to making this whole Barage concept pop. They’re very impressed with the way it looks. And just the color combination. And it really dresses up the room.

Melanie: It totally does. It kinda makes it as an extension of your home. That’s what I love about it.

Tim: It really does.

Melanie: My last question for you Tim would be, would you recommend your friends and family to use decorative concrete resurfacing?

Tim: Absolutely! I was very happy with the professionalism. They came out right away. They were able to do the job within one day. And they totally cleaned everything up. It was very seamless. And there was a follow up representative who came by, I think a few days later to make sure everything was satisfactory. And absolutely we would highly recommend your company.

Melanie: Thank you so much Tim. We certainly appreciate you having us to do the work for you and having me out here today. I’m gonna go ahead pan and show of yours the floor.

Tim: Okay.



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