Garage Floor Alternatives VS. Epoxy Flooring

When it comes to garage floors, options are quite limited so it is important to be able to use one that would work best and last longer to make it worth the investment. For most home and commercial space owners, epoxy flooring in St. Louis, MO is by far the best out there. However, more and more flooring options are being introduced into the market. So how do epoxy floors fare against other garage floor alternatives?

residential garage refinishing St Louis MOPolyurea Polyaspartic

This is an industrial material that is quick-setting and more durable than epoxy. It can be applied with paint chips for a more decorative effect and can be applied on both indoor and outdoor surfaces. As compared to other floor coating, polyaspartic polyurea has to be installed with quick precision because it sets very quickly. There are more design options, such as marble-like or metallic epoxy floor designs. Also, polyurea polyaspartic material costs a lot more than floor epoxy.

garage floor concrete paintConcrete Paint

Probably the most common garage floor coating is paint. Why not? It is very easy to apply, covers most blemishes and stains, and comes in a variety of colors to match the interior design of a home. When compared to epoxy floor coatings, paint is an inferior coating as it could easily peel when exposed to moisture or when scratched. Also, paint has a tendency to fade off, exposing the old concrete underneath.

garage porcelain tilesPorcelain Tile

Tile is an easy-to-clean flooring material that is quite resistant to water and other liquids. The unglazed type is highly preferred for the added traction to prevent slips and falls. There are various color and pattern options for tile, making it a customizable floor for the style-conscious. It is, however, not impact-resistant like garage floor epoxy. It can chip off or break when something is dropped on it. Because it is grouted, it can be difficult to repair this type of flooring.

garage rubber tilesInterlocking Plastic or Rubber Tiles

The great thing about this is that it can be easily installed and is very simple to replace, in case of damage to one more pieces. One just have to simply take out the damaged piece and replace it with a new one. The downside to this is that it is not as durable for heavy usage as epoxy garage floor coatings. Also, because it is composed of several pieces interlocked with each other, any spills could seep through and damage the concrete floor under it. An epoxy floor, on the other hand, serves as a protective layer on top of the existing floor.

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