Front Yard Landscaping Ideas Using Decorative Concrete

The front of the house is always the first thing people see. Curb appeal is more than just pleasing people and making a lasting first impression. It is also a way to increase the value of your home. When planning your front yard, don’t just be content with traditional designs. Explore different materials, concepts, and colors, too. Nothing stands out better than something different. Here are some decorative concrete ideas you might want to try.

stamped concrete flower bedsFlower Beds and Stamped Concrete

Flowers are always a good addition to any front yard. However, it is the type of flowers used and the way they are set up that makes the difference. Paired with a decorative concrete entryway, it is best to use flower beds. This way, people would be able to appreciate both at the same eye level.

fence and archFancy Fence and Arch with Stamped Stone

Adding a fence and an arch midway to the house is a great way to temporarily break a long entryway. What better pattern to match a fancy entrance than natural stone pavers. You can choose from flagstone, limestone, and other stone paver patterns. To make the look even more magical, incorporate vines with flowers and let them hang loose on the fence and over the arch.

stamped concrete walkwayStamped Concrete Pathway and Grass

Grass is common among front entryway landscapes. Make it look even more luxurious by pairing it with a stamped pathway. We highly recommend a geometric pattern. This way, the contrast makes each element stand out in their own different way. Make sure that the grass is well-trimmed to give an impression of a luxuriously manicured lawn.

pathway lightsPathway Lights and a Decorative Concrete Entryway

Make your decorative concrete pathway stand out even after night falls. Install path lights along the edge of the pathway to give emphasis to the concrete and to make it safer to walk on when it gets dark. The stamped pattern will surely create amazing shadows, making the pathway even more interesting to look at.

Curb appeal should not be taken for granted. Making a good impression is a good driving force but making your home even more valuable is a more feasible investment. The great thing about decorative concrete is that it can go with almost any landscape design. Plus, it looks good, requires minimal cleaning and maintenance, and costs inexpensively. What more can you ask for?

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