3 Essential Epoxy Flooring Characteristics

Epoxy is a material that contains hardeners and resin that, when mixed together, creates a material with incredible bond strength. The epoxy flooring material has been used in the industrial setting because of its capability to withstand tremendous usage, impact, and chemical exposure. Residential floor owners now also prefer this type of floor coating especially for use on garage floors. But what makes epoxy such an ideal flooring material? Epoxy has many properties that make it such an ideal material for use on floors, especially those in the industrial or commercial setting, but here are three essential characteristics you should know about:

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This is one of the main reasons why industrial and commercial floor owners favor epoxy over other flooring materials. Epoxy is easy to work with after it has been mixed thoroughly. But when it hardens and cures, it turns into a hard plastic that provides impeccable durability, making the surface resistant to impact, weight, and abrasion. It can harden in a few minutes but it is highly recommended to leave it to cure for a few days to achieve durability at its best.


Epoxy is known for its excellent resistance to electrical, thermal, and chemical elements. It does not melt or heat up under the sun, however, the UV rays may affect the color of epoxy, turning it into a yellowish, chalky surface. It is resistant to almost any type of chemical, making it ideal for industrial facilities, factories, and garage floors St. Louis, to name a few. Epoxy is also resistant to electricity making it an effective electrical insulator. This is why it is mostly used in electronics where it helps prevent short circuits by protecting components from dust and moisture.

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Low Porosity

This characteristic of epoxy is also one of the most noteworthy reasons that has achieved superstar status in the St Louis flooring industry. Porosity is the state of a material at which its ability to absorb is measured. Epoxy, being a non-porous material, makes for an ideal floor coating for concrete garage flooring St. Louis surfaces. Regardless of what type of liquid spills on it, the liquid would not be able to penetrate past the surface. This is the reason why epoxy is stain resistant, too. Stains are often caused by small pigments of liquid that makes its way into very small holes or packets of a surface.

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