Epoxy As Garage Finish

Thinking of ways how you can transform your plain grey concrete garage floor? Want to have a garage that has a showroom feel to it? Can’t wait to invite your friends and show off your polished parking area at home?

There are many ways how you can enhance the look and feel of your garage. But one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways is by availing a garage floor coating. 

The most recommended garage coat or finish today is epoxy. Epoxy as garage finish is getting more and more positive reviews online because of its advantages.


A man standing while leveling epoxy with a roller


Why Epoxy Flooring?

Applying epoxy on the garage floor is simple. It will only take you hours (depending on the size of your garage) to finish coating the entire garage floor. 

You just have to remember to put on your protective gear when working so as not to inhale its fumes.

Epoxy as garage finish does not only enhance the look of your garage floor, it also helps hide the concrete’s minor imperfections. It evens out the floor’s surface, making it look more polished and smooth. 

Aside from this, epoxy also has an anti-skid additive which is a plus, especially during winter season. 

You can also choose the color of the base coating that you want from a variety of colors available in the market today.

Blue Sports Car in a Epoxy-Floored Garage

Epoxy as garage finish also minimizes stains, dirt, and tire marks on the garage’s floor. It is one of the easiest garage floor coatings to clean since you just need a mop or a wipe to remove dirt and stains.

Maintenance is not a big deal either with epoxy flooring. . Since epoxy resists most types of dirt and stains, it can practically last for years. 

You do not have to spend more money for cleaning products and equipment as well as re-coating.

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