Office Space Epoxy Floor Installation Testimonial: Country Classic Cars, Staunton, IL

It is quite unfortunate that Anita, owner of Country Classic Cars, had to go through hell dealing with the restoration of their building after a recent fire. What’s worse is that the first contractor she hired delivered a botched resurfacing job. The floor coating immediately flaked and peeled in just a week. So, Anita took to the internet and found another contractor to fix the mess. Now, she and her employees are enjoying a seamless and durable garage flooring, thanks to a top quality commercial epoxy flooring contractor. Check out the full story here.

Melanie: Good afternoon! I’m here with Anita at Country Classic Cars. We just recently installed her flooring here in her office space in Illinois. And Anita, could you tell us a little bit about what got interested in having flooring redone.

Anita: We had a fire. It destroyed our whole building. The concrete was okay, so we decided to have it cleaned and surfaced. The company that did it, did a poor job. We couldn’t live with it. It was peeling up the first week. So we got on the internet and our salesman found decorative concrete resurfacing. Jone came over and give us a bid. Looked it over and showed us the product. Talked to us about it. We like it. We decided to give it a try. And we’re very happy, we did.

Melanie: Awesome! So would you say that you would recommend decorative concrete resurfacing to your family and friend?

Anita: Yes, I would. I think they’re quote bit higher than initial company but it looks like this is a fabulous job. And we saved money from the initial company but you don’t save money if you have to move everything back out of the office, start over and have it ground off and start over from scratch and move back in. It was very disruptive. We wish we have found you first.

Melanie: Well, thank you so much for having us do the work for you, Anita. We certainly appreciate it. I’m gonna go ahead and pan the floor and show everybody.

Epoxy flooring before after Staunotn , MO Epoxy flooring installation testimonial Staunton, MO


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