Epoxy Flooring: The Benefits and Advantages

More and more people in St. Louis, MO are aiming to have epoxy flooring services done on their garages and basements, and for good reasons. It is also highly preferred by commercial and industrial establishments, such as warehouses, laboratories, factories, and more. What exactly does epoxy floors have that makes it such a popular choice? Here are just some of its wonderful qualities and features:

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Provides a Smoother, Low-Maintenance Surface

Most garage floors are rough, pitted and cracked. Epoxy floor coatings fill cracks, pits, and other uneven surfaces and creates a new, smoother surface on top which is very easy to clean and maintain.

Enhances Aesthetic Appeal

An epoxy floor can be customized with stains and even colored microchips. It dries with a shine and can be made to look even more polished with a high gloss sealer. If you are into the metallic look, metallic epoxy floors are also possible.

Makes Floor Resistant to Chemical Spills and Abrasion

An epoxy floor coating is durable enough to keep stains and scratches away. Also, it is a non-porous material so it would not be able to absorb any dirt or dust, thus, any mess on top of it can be easily swept with a broom.

Epoxy Floorings Helps Promote Safety

Aside from being able to resist impact, epoxy coatings are also designed to provide better traction and resistance to heat or fire. This means that it does not ignite upon coming in contact with fire or tremendous heat.

Helps Improve Business

garage floor repair contractor st louis moFor commercial, retail, or industrial properties, garage floor epoxy can very well contribute to the productivity of the business. How? Because of its durability and resistance to use and abuse, there are less expenses required for maintenance and repairs. The smooth surface also keeps employees convenient and safe from slips and falls.

Epoxy Garage Floors Help Save Money

People may be spending for the initial epoxy flooring St. Louis, MO service they avail of but the long-term savings it will provide is worth the investment. Homeowners get to save money because they won’t need expensive floor cleaning products and equipment anymore. They won’t have to do frequent repairs because floor epoxy is durable enough to withstand impact and heavy foot traffic. They won’t even need to cover it up with rugs, vinyl tiles, linoleum, or carpets as it can be made more visually pleasing than plain concrete.

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