Boring No More| Decorations You Can Add To Your St Louis Concrete Driveway

Previously you learned some driveway solutions and how to facelift the curb appeal of your properties. You got specific methods to repair and revamp your St Louis Concrete Driveway

Now you need to maintain or update its look. You need straightforward but effective solutions to tweak a little bit or add decors such as water fixtures, plants, etc.

Decorations Based On Themes And Items

How do you go about this? What are ideas and items that can go well with the concrete surfaces? Also, more importantly, how will minor additions create a big difference to your properties?

Get down with today’s post and get some notes ready! Say boring no more with this list of decorations for your concrete driveways.

There are seven!

3 Decorative Themes And Ideas For Your Driveways

Stamped concrete driveway

The first three ideas will educate you about major themes on driveway design. 

1. Modern Aesthetic Meets Old Word Perspectives

Old-world charm does not get outdated. Classic is modern with using this theme. You can adapt the modern-classic vibe to your driveways, especially with classic stamped concrete in your outdoor spaces. 

Match this set up with broad columns that hold an ornate steel gate with a vintage feel. This gives you a driveway that leads you to a grand entrance!

2. Bold And Geometric

Driveways rarely get the attention they deserve, and they have limited purpose. One architectural theme experts use to maximize inactive spaces is bold and geometric patterns.

You can do this by maximizing the grey spades on the driveway and incorporating linear and square shapes. You can give geometric imageries by adding frames around the concrete spaces. 

Later you will learn what items you can use to add as accents to the driveways and here are other concrete designs for driveways. Read further.

Geometric patterns on stamped concrete

3. Casual And Chic

Neutrals merged with white and black. These themes scream casual. Utilized well with delicate patterns and straightforward design, then you have a modern chic driveway.

Here you can create openings or canopies to your driveways using steel gates and linear steel borders. Why not also add an open ceiling for parking your vehicles. 

Use chic and simple materials such as white flat polymer roofing. Or create a monotone vibe that pairs the grey floorings with black or dark neutral roofings.

4 Items To Decorate The Driveways

Next up, explore various items and accents you can add and display in the driveways. From hardcore objects to lightweight materials such as plants, etc. 

There are plenty of things you quickly grab in your properties and modify them to create a decorative flair in your outdoor spaces.

1. Green Green Grass

Add green items to the driveway areas and use the natural elements and colors to give life to the dull grey space. 

Green and grey go so well, so what else can you put side by side concrete but lively green green grass.

Residential driveway with grass in between concrete

2. Follow The Brick, Gravel, And Stone Road

Look around outside, and you can see usable objects. Stones, pebbles, old used cobblestones, as hard and grey as they are, can make decorative mixes in the outdoor spaces.

Have you seen the mixed stone tiles? You can replicate that idea by mixing multiple flooring materials

3. Trees Wrapped Driveway

Add and plant trees along your properties’ entranceway. Have you seen fantasy films or imagined Middle Earth with passageways wrapped with trees. 

Tree canopies give a refreshing accent to a cement driveway to break the monotony.

4. Drainage In The Driveways

The last item for this list is something that offers functional use. Have you thought of adding drainage in the driveways? When you get concrete driveways, you sure have a waterproofed outdoor floor. Having this prevents slippery surfaces makes this space safe for everyone.

But to help in this function is by adding drainage, especially if you live in humid areas.


Turning a dull concrete driveway to a head-turner exterior is possible and easy. Having a decorative driveway concrete adds a class that lasts for an extended period. 

Do not hesitate to get in touch with a local driveway installer to help you.

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