What Is The Difference Between Polyurea And Polyaspartic?

Polyurea Polyaspartic St Louis floors are the newest product to watch out for today! Why? This garage floor coating is made of two components which are among the most efficient materials for fast coating. You now have dozens of modern flooring materials to pave your concrete, especially in your garage floors. 

Have you heard of the polyurea-polyaspartic coating before? If so, then you got yourself now asking, what is it? Is there a difference between polyurea and polyaspartic?

Why the combo of two technical jargon? The twinning terms seem hard to read, right? So from here, we will name this as “one-day coating.”

Good thing you run in today’s blog! You will find out the answers and essential factors that make this smart flooring a must-have for your garages. Or, if you want an epoxy flooring upgrade, then consider polyurea floors. Strap-in! Interesting “poly” terms and facts to note ahead!

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Defining Polyurea-Poyaspartic Floor Coating

The name itself suggests that it is a floor coating material that contains two distinct compounds. Is it like your regular epoxy flooring? Let’s briefly revisit what the epoxy garage floor is. Epoxy is a two-part solid flooring material. It consists of name, resin, and hardener. The same goes for polyurea-polyaspartic floor coating

What Is One-day Coating?

Polyurethane is a synthetic polymer or a plastic-like substance often used to coat industrial objects. However, urethane products are more rigid. They can overcome extreme heat exposure and UV ray stability. This is why the one-day coating is popular among garage and industrial flooring. 

The one-day coating floor is a result of combining multiple polymer-based products, namely aromatic and aliphatic polyurethane. In an easier term, polyaspartic is a hybrid of polyurethane.

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Polyurea VS Polyaspartic Differences In A Nutshell

Below are major differences and characteristics that make a distinction between the two compounds.

 1. All Polyaspartic Are Polyurea, But Not All Polyurea Are Polyaspartic

Covestro is the company that first patented the “poly” they are a well-known polymer supplier worldwide. How do they make the distinction between these compounds? To help you, imagine a genome map. Polyurethane is the parent. Connect a line going down to its offspring, the polyurea. Under that line, draw the next arrow down to a non-aromatic subtype. Under this is the polyaspartic.

2. Polyurea Has A ring Structure, While You Will See A Chain-Like Bond For Polyaspartic

You will see further differences between the two compounds under the microscope in terms of their chemical structures. 

3. Physical Differences As Coating Materials

You can see obvious differences when you use them as separate coatings. Polyurea comes out as a thick, clear polyester coating. This dries fast and will become brittle. To aid in this quick curing act, a flexible, aliphatic compound is added, which is the role of the polyaspartic coating.  

4. Functions And Performance Differ

Polyurea closely relates to aromatic polyurethane. When it is applied to a concrete floor, the surface looks glassy. Making it a popular choice for garage floorings that needs a high-gloss surface. However, it will dry super quickly that a flooring installer using it will have not enough time to disperse or level the coating evenly over the entire flooring. 

Here comes the role of the poly aspartic. It will delay the curing process for a bit of time. In this way, an installer who wants to apply coating designs like chips or vinyl flakes, or coloring can add them up. Also, it helps the coating disperse over the top. 

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Now you have the one-day coating defined. The point of this is to choose wisely and ask the right contractor to install the floor coating for you.

The one-day coating for garage floors needs precise bonding of the two. Using just one “polysubstance” alone will not do your garage floors justice. So it is just right that you figure their differences first.

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