4 Ways to Design a Rectangular Patio

A rectilinear patio is the most common size and shape most homeowners use. Thinking about what material, design, and layout to use is a no-brainer. However, the result is often a monotonous look and a lack of personality.

If you have a rectangular patio, this article is for you. Find new perspectives and fresh ideas in designing linear, monolith patio surfaces. With the guidance of concrete resurfacing St. Louis Concrete Patio experts, your outdoor contrite will exude style and reflect your classiness and personality.

rectangular patio with chairs and couch

Rectilinear Patios Design Ideas

Usually, small garden areas or backyards would use a linear layout. The floor surface would often be the typical four sides and four corners. Bigger backyards can have more options to modify the patio’s shape.

The difference with other outdoor floors is that there is more space to have freedom with the layout, like irregular shapes or curvy, or circular.

But now, what we have is your linear patio, and we prepared ideas to make them stand out from your properties. It may also surprise your neighbors how you can achieve the maximum aesthetic appeal with a straightforward patio.

Expert Concrete Patios St Louis designers help input four ideas n this list we prepared for you. With thor years of express building multiple patios for different areas, they are familiar with what looks best fit a particular shape or style.

Rectangular Patio with a Corner-Fire-Pit

Usually, a fire pit would be pictured in the middle of the backyard. But when you want to add this accent to a rectangular patio, you can use one of the four corners to locate the fire pit. 

Picture it! Your plain linear-sided outdoor flooring is not so plain anymore. In one corner, the fire pit will your eye giving a bit of flair in an empty spot.

It also uplifts the functionality of your patio when that corner is empty and has no use.
It also adds uniqueness to the area. Instead of just putting plant pots on the corners, you can install fire pits in them.

elegant chairs and firepit on the patio area

Install Seating Walls Around the Patio

Seating walls and linear patio floors are match-made in heaven. Unlike other irregularly shaped patios with curved lines and edges, seating walls are challenging to add. 

With a linear floor outline, you can easily add walls on the side, making a functional seating area. 

This idea allows you to maximize the concrete patio and use its edges as a seating area. It saves space by not adding any more furniture. A cozy light table and chairs will do. Add pillows or small cushions to complete the seating arrangement if you can make the seating walls wider.

Patio-Pergola-Entry Way

An out-of-the-box linear patio will take your imagination to another level. If you have linear outdoor concrete space, it is perfect for installing near your entryway or porch sweets connecting to your front door.

To add drama to this plain plane in front of your home, build an extended wooden deck that connects the fort door entrance to the garden patio. Then, finish it with a pergola that serves as a shaded entrance.

Up Your Landscaping ala Sims

If you are familiar with the video game “The Sims,” you have an idea of how to design and mix-match layouts of homes indoors and outdoors.

Many pins from this virtual reality creator app can inspire you to design your plain patios. Take, for example, this Pinterest pin of a patio design. You can see that the base layout is a rectilinear space.

However, its look stands out because of other elements that add to its aesthetics. If you have a square, linear outdoor space, you need to elevate its look with landscaping. Experiment and be creative with plants and other textures, like a gravel floor. Or, you can also dig a hole in the middle of the concrete floor and turn that spot into a miniature koi pond.

But don’t stop there. Upgrade your landscaping with other unique features, like vertical plant pots or hanging plants.

patio design overviewing the city

Plain Patios No More

Do not box your ideas into having a cut-out-of-the-box shaped patio. When you are eager to discover more possibilities, do not hesitate to consult with concrete patios St. Louis contractors to connect you to the latest designs and reliable experts that build one-of-a-kind patios.

With these ideas, you do not have to spend for renovating and changing the shape of your concrete floor outdoors. With your existing ones and with creating new perspectives, you can say goodbye to plain patios you have outgrown and see new styles upgrade and a fresh look in your property.

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