Designing Intimate Spaces: The Look of Love

When the love month is here, it is common for business establishments to dress up their spaces and make customers feel that love is in the air.

Hotels, cafes, restaurants, and even malls would design interiors that match the season.

What’s the point of the romantic season if you can’t feel it in your commercial spaces?

Your space design may drag down or boost your business performance. So to achieve success, learn how to design lovely intimate spaces creatively through this blog.

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Design Spaces With Love

Before you design, you must first understand the essence of the season. Love and closeness are feelings that everyone craves, and that’s why places where you can feel intimacy appeal to many.

Plus, not only does it bring in new customers, but it may also get them to return. You can also spruce up the space through simple items to major but affordable renovations, like installing a St. Louis commercial concrete.

Of course, you must design spaces with and for love to make everyone’s experience happier and more memorable, especially for couples, families, and even single people.

Plus, it can boost the morale of your staff, their collaboration, and your overall company culture.

Creative Ways To Design Commercial Spaces For Love Month

Depending on your budget, you may add designs on your floors, walls, and ceiling altogether or just one of them. But it’s good to try your best that every corner of the space does not miss out! See more ideas on commercial concrete flooring for a whole new look on your space.

Floor Designs

Let’s start with the base of your commercial space. Here are three ways you can showcase love month on floors that are also sturdy and can handle heavy foot traffic to prepare you for potential blockbuster customers.

Heart Stamped, Engraved, Or Stenciled Stained Concrete

If you are proud of love month and want to embody the essence longer than February, consider stamping or engraving your concrete with hearts. It is unique and eye-catching that can quickly be done during commercial concrete repair or refinishing.

You could also stain regular and simple heart shapes on your engraved concrete. But if you want it to be more subtle, you can use stencils to stain your concrete floors with different geometric patterns that look like carpet or tiles with a hidden heart shape.

Epoxy Coating With Love Designs

Commercial concrete floor coating calls for epoxy since this is the most durable coating with the most customizable features. For example, with epoxy, you can make a high-gloss floor resembling marble or quartz or put a 3D image on your floor. Here are some ideas for epoxy floors you can do during the month of love:

  1. Rose Gold Marble
  2. Bed Of Roses/Petals
  3. Flowy Hearts 

Wall Designs

Customer’s Love Letter Wall

An interactive wall where customers can post their love letters is a great way to enhance your marketing strategy. In today’s modern world of chatting, people would be more fascinated and appreciative to see physical notes of words of love and affirmations.

Romantic Photobooth Area/Wall

Another engagement to your audience is to give them a photobooth wall where everyone, not just those with partners, can take their Instagram-worthy pictures!

Ceiling Designs

Hanging Paper Hearts and Flowers

Hanging paper hearts is a casual tradition to state the season proudly. You can see this in classrooms, bedrooms, and places that celebrate the month of love in simple ways.

To improve this tradition, you can add flower arrangements using roses or other flowers hanging down the ceiling to make it more astonishing. But to keep it safe from causing allergies and to make it more affordable, you may DIY it from crepe paper or buy fake ones. That means you can reuse it any time of the year.

heart walls hanging

Hanging Warm Fairy Lights

It’s best to put it up the ceilings aside from the walls since, as we mentioned, your walls can utilize posters and booths. You can also let it crawl to poles or posts. Since it is a cottage-core aesthetic trend, it can enhance the cozy date night and attract customers.

Tip: Hanging fairy lights also pair well with crawling plants, making the area more naturally mystical and romantic.

Finishing Details

Think creatively and experiment with your commercial concrete flooring design while always keeping your audience in mind. Putting the customers first is love that will extend and return to your staff and business growth. A local contractor like St. Louis commercial concrete is in the business to help out owners like you in renovating your spaces.

Note that some ideas in this list may require professional help, like the work for commercial concrete floors. You may also purchase works of art from local artists and seek help from local designers.

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