Create a Color Mood Board for Planning Your Home Designs

Before anyone can build a new house, they must plan it out. Making a color mood board is one of the essential steps in the design process.

A color mood board is a picture of the colors, textures, and overall style you want to use in the design of your homes, like house furniture, wall fixtures, or residential concrete floors.

If you want to learn that, keep reading this guide since we will show you how to make a color mood board to help you plan your home designs creatively and confidently.

Why Do You Need A Color Mood Board?

pink colored board mood

A color mood board simplifies, clarifies, and unifies the design process for home designers.

By drawing the colors, textures, and overall look you want for your home design, you see the general flow of your idea.

You can do some processes independently, but collecting ideas and discussing them with a trusted contractor or interior designer is possible.

Use your mood board to stay on track and ensure your design choices align with your goals.

How Can You Create A Color Mood Board For Home Planning?

Here are three main ways to create a color mood board that you can use on any residential concrete work on floors, walls, or furniture.

Know Your Style

Do you have an idea in mind? Any style you saw somewhere that resonates with you? If that’s the case, you should dig deeper into your style.

Try to write down any textures and items you want. From there, you can think about what color these things would naturally be.

For instance, you could use woven materials, stones, and plants. Then list your answers in the following:

  • Their natural or usual color
  • To what color can you transform them, or
  • If they suit the color that you are thinking of
Remember that organization comes from writing it down before searching for images with the right color and look.

Search For Inspiration

Prepare your notes about your styles and search your keywords on the internet.

You can search for your ideas on Pinterest, Dribble, etc., since they have an algorithm that can show you what you might be interested in.

They also have easy save features to go back to the images you recently liked.

For instance, you can pin images on Pinterest and save them in a “Project,” which acts as a folder for these pins. Take time searching, as this planning stage will highly influence your design.

Use Apps For Color Picking From An Image

Now that you gathered your pictures, it’s time to isolate the color shades you want.

You can do this easily using any photo editor, like Photoshop or Canva. It’s essential that the software or website has a color picker and states a CMYK (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Key) percentage.

If there is no CMYK, you may also use the HEX color code and RGB, but you should find the equivalent color name for print or paint.

Screen colors use RGB, but CMYK is essential for any project design that you will see in real life, not just on screens.

Add multiple same-sized shapes in your editing app depending on the colors you need, and then drop-click the one color you selected for each figure.

A New Mood For The House

Colors are an integral part of designing that dictates the overall mood of the space. Whether you use paint or other types of coating on your surfaces, ensure that the color you want is available and achievable.

Don’t worry; most coloring materials are flexible and customizable, like residential concrete and epoxy floors.

You can create a white, gray, or black marble or quartz look with these materials.

Overall, you must be eager to achieve the design you want since it can be trial and error to find the best fit.

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