Diversifying Your Home with Concrete Stain

Your home might seem bland now, but spicing it up with acid stain can really make any room shine. Homeowners might hesitate at installing concrete floors in their homes, because they don’t want to be left with the bland grey floors which are cold in the winter.

While concrete has earned a bad reputation for being boring and offering no creative outlets, in reality it deserves one of the best reputations. Concrete is much sturdier than any natural flooring and does not suffer as many injuries.

The diverse options that concrete has to offer, especially with acid stain, makes it one of the most versatile and inexpensive options for any homeowner.

Stained Concrete Floor St. Louis

The great thing about acid stain is that you can create the appearance of nearly any natural stone or wood. Acid stain creates a chemical reaction to the stain and the concrete which will turn out differently for each slab onto which the stain is applied.

In this sense, homeowners have only some control over the outcome of their design, but can maintain the color options such as greens, reds, and browns. Whether the concrete is outside or inside, the application process is much the same; the concrete must be treated in preparation for the acid stain.

This means stripping the initial layer and rectifying any cracks in the surface. After this has been completed, the acid stain is applied and left to dry. When all is finished, the results on your concrete floors are stunning and will leave friends and family with a great reminder of your creativity!

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