Are you about to replace some of the old concrete surfaces in your home or business? Why not consider concrete recycling? It’s a great way to get rid of old, damaged concrete without taking it to a junkyard.

Whether you’re replacing your concrete patio, driveway, garage floors, carpark or pool deck, concrete recycling is a great option. The key benefits include:

*Saves space in landfills. All over America, landfills are becoming too full and concrete recycling can help avoid this.

*Prevents excessive pollution as less material needs to be shipped to roadway construction sites.

*The necessity for gravel mining can be reduced, since concrete can be recycled as gravel. Concrete can also be recycled as landscaping stone, among other things.

concrete recycling st louis

In order for the concrete to be accepted as a recyclable material, it must be free from materials such as paper, wood and similar substances. If concrete fits the criteria, it is then put through a machine that crushes it into smaller pieces. This process may be repeated if concrete pieces are large. Crushing may also be possible at the construction site, reducing pollution and the cost of transporting it to and from the crushing facility,

If you’re interested in helping the environment by recycling your old concrete, mention it to your decorative concrete contractor. People around the St Louis area and the country have already started, and it’s a wonderful way to give something back to your city.

Decorative Concrete St Louis

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