5 Concrete Coating Ideas

Concrete is probably the most versatile material in the construction industry. Aside from being used as a base material, it can be used on almost any surface. Now that concrete coatings St. Louis products have taken the industry by storm, the range of its use is just as wide. Who says floors can have all the fun? Here are five concrete coating ideas you may want to try:

Bar or Kitchen Counter Top


When it comes to countertops and bar tops, natural stone is a traditional material to use. The surface needs to be durable enough and resistant to water and moisture.

More importantly, it has to look super good to help with a room’s overall aesthetics. Natural stone, like granite and marble, can be very expensive. Now not everyone can afford such a luxury. The alternative? A coat of concrete stain. It looks just as elegant but with friendlier costs.

Pool Coping


A coping is like a border that frames a swimming pool. It is a decorative way of highlighting the pool. Tile is the traditional material used for a coping, but if you aim for a more unique look, stamped concrete is highly recommended.

The great thing about a stamped concrete overlay is that it can be customized into almost any design or pattern. Now, you can have the expensive look of natural stones around your pool at a more affordable price.

Bathroom Sink Area


Many dream of marble bathroom countertops but know how expensive they can be. While a concrete top is affordable, it looks quite plain and boring.

A concrete coating would be the most thrifty solution to enhance the look of your bathroom countertops. You can have it stained to add color and give it the look of natural stone. It is easy to do, quick to install, and provides exceptional results.

Textured Walls

Concrete repair St. Louis services are not limited to floors alone. Concrete walls also get worn down as time passes by. It can be resurfaced with concrete coatings to make it look brand new without tearing down the entire wall.

Interested in a brick wall? A stamped concrete overlay can replicate the look without costing too much.

Outdoor Table and Chairs


When it comes to patios, there is a variety of concrete contractor St. Louis solutions available for both residential and commercial locations. You can ask a contractor if they could extend the resurfacing to include built-in outdoor seating and dining elements.

This way, these would complement the overall look of the outdoor living space. Concrete staining is also a great coating to enhance outdoor concrete tables and chairs.

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