6 Common Areas for Concrete Sealer Application

There isn’t one licensed contractor who would not recommend concrete sealers for St. Louis floor projects. The protective feature is one notable benefit of sealing concrete surfaces. Whether it is a new installation, a resurfaced, or a refinished concrete floor, it is a must to apply a coat or two of concrete sealer. One of the most common questions that homeowners ask is where exactly will a sealer be most efficient.

1. Patios

concrete patio sealer st louis moConsidered as an extension of an indoor living space, a patio, especially the unshaded type, is exposed to a variety of outdoor elements. Rain, snow, and the heat of the sun can be detrimental to the look and durability of a concrete patio. Sealing concrete patio surfaces will help protect the slab underneath from damage. It also helps protect the surface from scratches made by patio furniture.

2. Driveways

concrete driveway sealer st louis moThe driveway plays a huge role in increasing the curb appeal of any property. Why? Because it is the first thing everyone would see as they approach or pass by your home. However, tire marks are just the beginning of any homeowner’s dilemma. Concrete driveway sealing is recommended to prevent ugly tire marks, grease stains, freeze-thaw damage, and more.

3. Pool Decks

concrete pool deck sealer st louis moMost homeowners are worried that concrete sealing a pool deck will make it slippery. Although this is possible, there is a remedy for it. Adding fine aggregate, like sand, can help improve slip-resistance without making the surface uncomfortable underfoot. A layer of sealer can help protect concrete pool decks from damage caused by water and UV rays.

4. Interior Floors

interior floor sealer st louis moSealing a concrete floor indoors is also beneficial to any homeowner. Concrete sealers come in a range of finishes, from matte to high gloss. Choose just the right shine to make your concrete floor look clean and polished. A sealer makes it easier to clean interior floors because it keeps dirt and spills at the surface, instead of getting absorbed by the ever porous concrete material.

5. Garage Floors

garage floor sealer st louis moNo floor is as used and abused as a garage floor. Imagine the regular vehicular traffic, the weight of stored items, and all the heavy tasks done in the garage. A tough sealer, like the epoxy or urethane-based kind, is ideal for use on garage flooring because it dries to a hard, non-porous surface.

6. Countertops

kitchen countertop sealer st louis moConcrete sealing services are not limited to floors but also extends to concrete counter tops. Concrete is one of the most affordable materials for use on countertops. However, to protect it from water damage, wine and food stains, and more, it needs to be sealed. This extends the lifespan of the countertop while giving it a contemporary look.

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