Pool Deck Resurfacing: A Commercial Space Makeover

Commercial pool deck in Hampton Inn downtown St. Louis, MO, resurfaced in Sundek Classic Texture with scoreline effect.

We are here with Carol and Joan today and we have done a project for the Hampton Inn here in the city. So Carol you are the property manager here?

Carol: Yes I am

Interviewer: Tell me a little about your experience with Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. Why you called us out, what area we worked on, that kind of thing

Carol: Well the whole reason I called you out is we were having some problems with the current deck we have down and we have quite a bit of challenge because we have to have a fairly lightweight surface on there just because of the parking garage that we have directly below this area. So it really limits our options as to what we can put down in the deck area, so what we had before was a rubber material that was pooling in many areas and was also very discolored and very inconsistent along the deck. So some of the areas was a bright blue color and some of the areas as you can see molded a little bit and was not exactly an ideal color. So we felt like we needed a new pool deck and also the owners of the property recommended it as well, because of all of the discoloration as well as the inconsistencies that we were seeing. So we called decorative concrete and they were able to give us a great option which was lightweight and they did a phenomenal job on it so we were really excited that had that other option to go with instead of doing the rubberized material since this is the second one we have attempted to go with now.

Interviewer: So tell me about the actual experience with working with the company, once you approved the agreement and we started work. How did that all go? Were you happy with the installation time frame were they neat and clean and tidy? That’s our motto.
Carol: absolutely we could not be happier with them, everybody has been so good with following up with us, even before the project started just following up to make sure that we knew exactly how the steps of the process were going to play out and just making sure that we knew everything that we needed to know and that we both on the same page and once the crew did come in they were very good about protecting the hotel and the areas they were going to be in. protecting the pool areas and taping everything off so that they would not affect any areas that they were not supposed to be and they really were very nice people they were very clean and we didn’t even know they were here unless they needed access a certain area or certain like that. So really quiet and clean, did a great job for us.

Interviewer: So would you recommend Decorative Concrete Resurfacing to other property owners or managers of other companies.

Carol: Absolutely

Interviewer: Ok thank you very much, Ok Joan well show us the project

Joan: Well it turned out fantastic so let’s go take a look

Interviewer: So Joan from a sales person’s perspective tell me what kind of obstacles and things you needed to look for and plan for when you were preparing the estimate.

Joan: Well first of all we had this (3:45) product that was on there and as you can see it was two layers thick. So they not only had one to deal with two which is a couple of inches, and you can see how nasty it was and moldy looking. Our first challenge was to try to figure out how to remove this product and what would be the quickest and easiest way to remove it. Plus what we were going to discover once the product was removed. What the deck was going to look like, what condition it was in if it was going to be really bad concrete. So that was a discovery process of itself, to figure out how that was all going to unfold. Then with the height difference with these drains. We can see that was an issue as well because the drains were sitting up too high because of the thickness of this product. So once we removed this product all the drains had to be reset lower. The height difference was also an issue because of how thick this was it was definitely a height difference with the coping so we had to take some product and feather it down, we had to out in about an inch of product and feather it down to about a foot out into the deck to make that all flow and not look like it was ramping or a huge slope.

Interviewer: This is an up close of the coping along the deck and you can see the blending is done so well we can’t even distinguish where it stopped and started.

Joan: also if you notice we did not resurface the cooping, the Hampton Inn chose not to do that, they wanted to keep the natural look of the stone coping here, so we were able to blend our pear and oyster colors as a good color combination that will enhance the look of the coping that they already had. So Lisa let’s take a minute and show our viewers what it took to get this done from start to finish.

So here we are on the fifth floor of the Hampton Inn in beautiful downtown St Louis and we are finishing up on this project this is just a glimpse of what we can do for your next commercial pool deck resurfacing project, so make sure to give Decorative Concrete a call.

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