Multi-awarded Church Floor & Prayer Walk Resurfacing Project

Commercial Project: staining job church in University City, MO

The First Presbyterian Church in University City, MO was interested in updating the floor where they hold their ceremonies. The area where the seats are previously had linoleum. The church members opted for a stain on the concrete floor.

There were several challenges with this project, all of which were pleasantly resolved. The first was that the linoleum had to be removed and the flooring underneath needed a microtopping. 

They also wanted to incorporate a “prayer walk” feature where they can walk in prayer and meditation. This is essentially a labyrinth and they wanted something that had to be stained with a different color from the seating area. 

The members had a specific design and measurement in mind which they later changed. Fortunately, our crew leader, who has 15 years of experience in decorative concrete, was there to make the adjustments.



Another challenge was when time came for the stain color to be approved. Their leadership board of 100 members was reduced to 10 people. 

We had to schedule all these 10 people to have a look and have their input as to what stain color would be appropriate. The stain color was adjusted a day later after the leadership board had a closer look but it was easily re-stained to their desired color.

The crew took about 12 days to complete the project but the delays were caused by certain adjustments that we had to make to satisfy the church’s members. 

The linoleum removal and microtopping went smoothly. When the stain approval day came, the leadership board chose the stain color to use on the seating area. We like to have everyone that makes the final decision to be there to approve before we proceed. 

The crew helped the board decide by comparing stain and labyrinth lines color samples. The prayer walk was very important to the church members because, for them, it symbolizes the journeys of faith and life, so we had to make all measurements, stain colors, and design accurate.

The church session was simply amazed at the transformation from linoleum to stained concrete. Their members are also enjoying their new prayer walk. 

Although there were some delays, our crew was able to complete the work quickly that the entire congregation only got to miss one Sunday service. 

The best part is that this project garnered two awards during the during the 2016 Sundek Awards. We received the Project of the Year award and the Dealer’s Choice Award. All thanks to our crew’s hard work!

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