How to Choose the Right Paint for Your Home

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Painting a room is a pretty permanent thing to do. Once it is up, it can be hard to take down – so deciding on what kind of paint is right for your space can be a pretty daunting decision to make. But if you’re armed with the right tips and the right knowledge, you will be able to choose the right paint for your walls that will match the rest of the room perfectly. And if you need new flooring to go with your new walls, concrete contractors St. Louis can help deliver functional floors that are beautiful.

So take these tips with you the next time you go paint-shopping:

Factor in the Sunlight in your Home

The natural light you get in your home plays a large part in the way paint will look in your room. Direct and bright sunlight will make the paint look as true as possible. But indirect sunlight will lead to the color-shifting throughout the day, which is important to consider. Even if you like the color in the store and on the swatch, it can look very different at home. That’s why it’s important to take a swatch of paint home and test it out on different walls in different parts of the room to get an idea of what it will look like in real life. 

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Consider the Colors of your Existing Furniture

The way color will look on the walls of a room will also depend on the colors directly surrounding it. That means that if a room’s interior is heavy on certain colors, the color of the walls will look as though it is reflecting the surrounding colors, warping the entire look of the room. If it is something that you can do, painting a dummy wall can help you decide if the wall color fits the rest of the room.

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Choose a Color Based on the Size of the Room

The size of the space you want to paint should also factor into the decision of what paint you should choose. When a room is small, bright colors can open the space and make it appear larger than it is, especially if there is enough sunlight in a room. Choosing colors to match the size of a room also works for the inverse in large rooms that seem too big. Choosing a darker warmer color invites coziness that could otherwise be missing.

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