A Splash Course on Choosing a Pool Deck Material

When you are planning a pool deck repair or installation, it is important to plan the type of material to use. This is to make sure that you won’t have to tear out the old one and replace it with another. Not only is this expensive, it is also time-consuming. Here are important things you need to remember when choosing a pool deck material.

kool decking St Louis MOHeat-Resistance: The Pool Deck Can Get Too Hot

Almost anything that stays put under the sun will get hot. Have you ever tried walking barefoot on the beach? The sand can get pretty hot. Too hot, in fact, that it could burn the soles of your feet badly. You would not want that on your pool deck now, would you? The safest way to choose a heat-reflective material is by their color. Light-colored materials reflect heat back rather than absorb it like dark-colored materials do.

stamping concrete st louisSlip-Resistance: Slippery When Wet

A slippery surface is dangerous, especially around the pool. People who are getting in and out of the water could slip and fall on a slippery pool deck. It is important to choose a material that provides enough texture and grip. Popular options are stamped concrete, spray knockdown finish, and other materials that remain slip-resistant even when wet.

concrete pool deck sealer st louis moMaintenance: It Will Get Dirty

Nowadays, most homeowners who are busy with work or household chores barely find time to clean the pool deck. If this is the case, it is crucial to find a material that requires minimal maintenance. Sealing the pool deck can help reduce cleaning and maintenance because it keeps dirt and debris on the surface.

concrete pool deck sealer st louis moLongevity: Durable and Long-lasting

No one wants to repair or reinstall a pool deck every year. If you choose a material, make sure that it stays durable enough to last several years. If you must consider costs, do not choose the cheapest one. Sometimes, bigger investments are more cost-effective.

decorative concrete pool deck st louisAesthetics: Stunning and Enticing

The appearance of the pool deck is one of the biggest influential factors when it comes to choosing a pool deck material. Who would want an ugly pool deck, anyway? The choices for color and design nowadays are so wide that it can be quite challenging to choose just one. The safest way is to choose a look that is similar or complementary to the exterior of your house. You can also choose a minimalist design with simple lines and neutral colors. Not only will this match any type of design, it would make the pool area easier on the eyes.

These are just some of the most significant factors you have to consider. If you need assistance, it is highly recommended to seek the advice of a pool deck expert.

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