Modern and Non-Slip Surface Pool Decks Furnished With Sundek Classic Texture

Over time, a pool deck can look quite drab. There is no excitement in the area and people may think that they have stepped back in time when they visit the exterior of a home. 

When it is time for a pool deck or other outdoor concrete surface to be brought up to date, then go to Decorative Concrete Resurfacing just like what Chesterfield resident Harold Lewis did.

Cool Deck Resurfacing

Harolds’ Statement

“My wife and I were looking to sell our home and recognized that our pool deck needed to get tomorrow’s look today. 

We did not wonder where to get the surface redone because we had heard a number of great things about Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. 

We made the call to the company and I am glad we did. We talked to Lisa, and she stopped over and visited our home.

The pool deck was in good shape, but it needed a new look. 

We liked the idea of stone boarders. We did not want to reinvent the wheel, but we did want to bring the look up to date. 

Lisa and my wife created a diagram and discussed the details of the project. After the project was completed, the stone looks like it is real.

My wife and I love it. Visitors are blown away by the look. I was concerned about the potential of slips on the surface, but Decorative Concrete Resurfacing has provided a non-slip surface throughout the entire pool deck. 

The colors of the surface match with our home. I could not be happier.”


When it is time to update a surface look, contact Decorative Concrete Resurfacing. Their professional concrete pool deck contractors get the job done right. The results are amazing!

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