3 Common Epoxy Floor Issues and the Real Culprit Behind It

Epoxy flooring is one of the most popular decorative concrete solutions today. It is known for its high resistance to impact, heavy loads, high traffic, chemical spills, and more. When an epoxy floor starts to crack, peel, or show any sign of damage, it isn’t rare to hear customers complain about the coating. But is it really the culprit?

Epoxy Flooring Issues You Need to Watch Out For

When the Coating is Peeling

The possible cause could be the improper preparation of the coating. Equal parts of the resin and hardener must be combined well. If not, the mixture will not be as tough as it should be and will peel away. Another cause could be the improper preparation of the concrete slab itself. Any presence of oil or dirt will weaken the bond between the slab and the coating.

When There are Air Bubbles in the coating

epoxy coating bubbles

Air bubbles may sound fun but, in epoxy flooring, these tiny bubbles make the coating look bumpy and unappealing. One possible cause is using an aerator to mix the two parts together. These bubbles also appear when an epoxy coating is applied under direct sunlight or during intensely cold weather. The best time to install epoxy is when the temperature is just right. Extreme heat and cold can do terrible things to it.

When the Color is Inconsistent

It is important to remember that epoxy can only be used on indoor concrete. It is not stable when it is exposed to sunlight because it is sensitive to ultraviolet rays. When it is exposed to UV rays, the coating may discolor. There is no specific color that it discolors to but it is most likely to turn yellowish. One other possible cause is the consistency of the coating. If it runs too thinly, the concrete slab can be seen from underneath, causing inconsistency of color.

outdoor epoxy floor

Epoxy flooring is a reliable coating system that is perfect for hardworking floors, like those in basements, garages, and commercial establishments. Often, the culprit isn’t the coating itself when it does not work or hold out as it should. It is important to determine the main cause to properly address the issue. With proper preparation and installation, epoxy flooring can be the toughest and most long-lasting flooring material you will ever see. Make sure to hire a licensed contractor and epoxy specialist to install it for you.

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