Restoring Damaged Concrete

It is very practical to restore the concrete surface than to spend so much in the replacement of the entire slab.  There are different kinds of options available for transforming older concrete into a fresh, new decorative and colorful surface.  Give A New Life To Your Old Concrete If you want to enhance the beauty …

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Why Does Concrete Crack?

Concrete is always going to be a builder’s best friend. It’s known to be universally strong, durable, and versatile. Its affordability and thermal mass make it an eco-friendly material too, so it’s not surprising to know that concrete is among the world’s most-used materials for building. But concrete has the probability to crack, and in …

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Custom scoreline with gray and black stain

The Fine Ingredient

Backyard BBQs are just the best. Food, friends, and ambiance are the three main ingredients that make for an awesome backyard BBQ. Without these, you’re having the worst backyard BBQ ever. Now it’s obvious that we can’t help you with the food and the friends (but if you invite us over, that would be cool!), …

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