The Basics of Residential Concrete Staining

Residential stained concrete by Decorative Concrete Resurfacing.

A lot of homes have uncompleted basements and enclosed garages with standard concrete surfaces. However, design trends and innovations have been integrating the art of fixing up existing concrete floors with acid staining rather than hiding the ugly floor with carpets and wood.

Stained concrete surfaces are usually found in restaurants, stores, hotels and even homes and patios. It is a cost-effective investment that would help you save up even more.

Many homeowners have had their concrete surfaces applied with concrete stains, either with a solid color or a mottled look. But now, the trend has reached mainstream popularity and made its way into our indoor surfaces like basements, living rooms and garages. Concrete’s versatility is the main jump starter for its popularity. Concrete can be molded in to any kind of shape and pattern, which just proves that it’s never limited to the garage, basement and sidewalks. Kitchen remodeling projects can be further enhanced with a countertop made up of stained concrete, and artistic and cheaper material than real granite or marble. Concrete can now be made into coffee tables and even dining room tables too!

A concrete surface is so workable that it can either be smoothed or heavily brushed, swirled or scored, and even colored or dyed into artistic designs. It’s the new art canvass for today’s modern residential and commercial surface design. Concrete stains are now what we can call the new medium of surface design.

Concrete is a porous material. Like wood, it often has stains form vehicle oils and fluids, rust and water, and small spills; all of which can be covered and enhanced with acid staining. The marvelous thing about this is that with the existing discolorations, the concrete stain gives off a patch of concrete that imitates the look of marble. It doesn’t matter how much the discoloration is present on the concrete because these blemishes will only add to the design of the finished appearance. The application hazards (including brush marks and uneven distribution) blend in perfectly with the marble effect of stained concrete applications.

Here are some of the advantages that you can get with stained concrete:
• Concrete stains cover up all kinds of crack on the concrete surface.
• Its materials and coverings are relatively cheaper than any other coverings.
• It never fades and never needs replacements.
• Resistant to scratches and breaking.
• The previously applied stain can be overlaid with another stain design if in case you don’t like the design anymore.

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