How to Make Your Basement Look Less Like Halloween By Resurfacing Concrete Floors

If your concrete basement floor looks like something out of a horror movie, then it’s time for resurfacing. Resurfacing will not only make your basement look more inviting, but it will also increase its value. This blog teaches how to maintain your basement floors with resurfacing and more flooring care tips—such as using paints, coatings, and cleaning agents!

Not finished basement flooring

Resurfacing Basement Floor for a Nice-Looking Basement

Concrete basement floors are durable and easy to care for. Still, they can sometimes develop cracks or other damage that makes them look unsightly. Basement floor resurfacing is an excellent method to improve its appearance without replacing the entire floor.

There are many ways you can do to keep a nice-looking basement floor

Painted Concrete Floors

Painting is the way to go if you want an easy and inexpensive option. It makes the concrete floor more durable. But, it is less stable than the other options on the list. It can still chip off, need touch-ups, and be slippery—unless you use some coating with anti-slip!

Concrete Refinishing

Concrete refinishing is a thin layer of cement mixed with other materials poured on top of old concrete and held together with special chemicals. It can incorporate stamping and scoring for design options. As your new surface dries, it will have an extended life span. To make it studier, you can use coatings on top of it. 

Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is one of the most durable options to make your concrete look better. It is a fast-pour coating on top of an existing floor to make it resistant to oil and water. It is strong enough for industrial use and can also look fantastic—where you can create a 3D mesmerizing floor or a faux-marble look!

Clean and Polish Concrete Floors

Cleaning is the easiest way to make anything last longer, including floors. Floors must be polished to keep out dirt, water, and other rough things that can damage any surface. Your floor will always look and feel better if you clean it daily.

Basement Concrete Slabs: Tips for Proper Resurfacing

Resurfaced basement concrete slabs

Here are some tips on resurfacing your concrete basement floor.

1. Prepare the surface that you want to refinish. It means that you need to clean the floor and remove any stains. You may also need to repair any cracks or damage on the basement flooring.

2. Choose your resurfacing material. It can be done with a roller, brush, or sprayer, and different materials are available for different concrete flooring types. Once you know what floor to achieve, you and your basement floor can benefit from high-quality materials options.

3. Let the resurfacing material dry. Depending on the product you use, it may take a few hours or even days. It is essential to dry every layer before you can add more coating to it. After the floor has been cured and hardened, your basement flooring can be used again.

Enjoy Your New Basement Floor!

Having an exquisitely stylish floor is the best feeling ever. Even though it requires regular cleaning to keep its appearance, rest assured that cleaning is more fun if the floor is flat and nice!

It will be as if the basement were the main floor of the house, and you will feel the fresh and welcoming energy throughout the entire space. You will no longer be haunted by the basement spook and will undoubtedly want to keep your feet on its floor.

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