A Simple Process For A Superlative Residential Hardscape

Getting an interior or exterior surface redone does not have to be hard. Decorative Concrete Resurfacing gets the job done correctly and quickly. Lorraine Trautwein of Ballwin, MO, recently spoke about the work that was done on her home.

Lorraine Trautwein had two surfaces that were addressed at her home. The first was the interior of her garage. The garage floor needed a new look, and the decision was made to use the SunSplash coating. She described the process as being amazing. Not only that, but she proudly displayed pictures that showed the garage floor looking quite stunning. Even though that was the case, she said that the pictures do not do justice to the work that was done. In addition to this, she said that people could live in the garage as a result of the beautiful work.

Garage Floor St Louis

The walkway and porch was another story. Lorraine Trautwein began by declaring that she and her husband had become disenchanted about both exterior surfaces. However, after the new surface application had been applied, the entire appearance changed for the better. Not only that, but she described how the simple process made a huge difference in enhancing the look of her home.

Although Lorraine Trautwein received other bids, it was Lindsey from Decorative Concrete Resurfacing who made the big impact and demonstrated how a simple process could make all the difference. The installation process went fast. The garage was done in one day. The walkway and porch were also done extremely quickly. Workers were professional and polite. Lorraine Trautwein stated how many compliments she has received as a result of the work that Decorative Concrete Resurfacing has done on her concrete surfaces.

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