Is Asphalt Or Concrete The Better Choice For Your Driveways?

Stuck between asphalt and concrete? You just planned to revamp your driveways, and now you are torn about which one will be the better choice. What material can pave your dream entrance that will take your properties to the next level? Asphalt and concrete driveway St Louis are two known tough materials to cement exterior floors. 

Do not be torn between the two. Either way, you end up with asphalt or concrete, you’ll get the best results. These two materials both last and suit perfectly with any outdoor setting.

Today’s post will guide you in making an accurate comparison of the two. First, there are several factors you need to take note of. Learn what those are next.

Asphalt Concrete Driveway Resurfacing
Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt VS Concrete Driveways: Consider The Factors

Have the basics first. What you need to consider for paving your driveways is your location, maintenance, aesthetic, function, and cost.

  • Location. Your location tells you if you have humid or wet seasons. A material will expand or contract, so use one that will suit extreme weather changes.
  • Cost. Considering the cost, you will have to decide which you will give more worth. The material can be low-cost in terms of repair, and another will have cheaper installation but requires tedious maintenance.
  • Personal preferences. Take your personal preferences into account. Do you want a constant change of styles or to want something that will stand for a long time? 

Now have this comparison guide you on which route to take, Concrete driveway vs. driveways paver, head on!

concrete driveway sealing st louis
Stamped Concrete Driveway

Comparison Summary

AestheticMonolithic. Few color choices. Traditional style or classic driveway designs
The practical aesthetic for outdoors with heavy vehicle traffic
Monolith slate. Creates unifying patterns and designs.
Comes in stamped designs, staining, or polishing and coloring
Installation RequirementFor heavy-traffic public access roads. 
Requires specialized equipment; reinforcements and 
Quick installation. Only need to pour over the concrete mix on the surface. You can DIY
You can pour over an existing flooring material
CostMaterial cost: $700 to $1000 per 100 square feet
Labor cost: $500 – $750 per 100 square feet
Material cost: Between $220-$250 per 100 sq. feet
Labor cost: $510-$650 per 100 sq. feet
Repair & MaintenanceCheaper maintenance
General maintenance is simple
Easy to maintain. Prone to cracks. Needs contractor to pour overlays or resurface the damaged concrete
Needs concrete coating for driveway areas
Prone to breaking when exposed to outdoors and constant vehicle traffic
DurabilityAsphalt lasts up to 30 years among heavy-traffic roads, if installed in small driveways it can surpass this lifespan three times longerConcrete ideally lasts up to 50 + years with proper care and maintenance
asphalt drivewayTextured driveway with a sporty car

General Comparison

Asphalt is the most used material for public rads. It is best for outdoor floorings that go in action 24/7. There is no time for you to close the area to employ refinish or repairs like public roads. 

For superb function, asphalt makes a better choice. Large commercial outdoor spaces can make great use of asphalt. Large parking lots will benefit more with low maintenance materials. 

Concrete driveways are practical and efficient choices for both small area sizes and huge spaces. But you need to seal and coat the surface to make it look appealing. Tiny outdoors does not need to be left out when it comes to style. 

Now you have this basic comparison, and you can decide which is better for you. But you can further take your driveway to the next level when you go and ask the pros. Let the professional driveway installers help you out. You may just want to have both materials combined to make a perfect driveway for you today.

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